CNM vs UNM experience

  1. Hi all!
    I am currently attending CNM and will be able to petition at the end of this semester. I have also been taking UNM's pre-requisites in hopes of attending the BSN program there. I was planning on attending whichever program is available sooner seeing as how CNM has a waiting list and UNM's program is very competitive.
    My question is in regards to rumors I've heard that with CNM's nursing program is more hands on and UNM's is more lecture and paper writing. Also, I've heard hospitals like CNM's graduates because of this. That they are more competant (sp?).
    Can anyone share their experiences with either school or anything you've heard of in regards to this as well?

    Thanks and God Bless!
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  3. by   NM nurse to be
    Hi there! I also have heard (from CNM instructors) that hospitals prefer CNM grads and also from a friend who is an admin at Pres, he says CNM grads are well looked upon. I just got my letter yesterday that gave my start date a full semester earlier than I thought! I'm doing the LPN program first and start in summer '10! Good luck to you!
  4. by   spiffy1024
    I would go for UNM's prgram. I heard that CNM's program is unorganized. The good instructors they had went to PIMA or Apollo. The instructors they have do not have a clue what they are doing. I also heard that there is a clinical instructor that also teaches Dosage that mark her students for failure before they even enter thier first clinical day. So watch out.
  5. by   jobo.84
    UNM nursing school is actually a very poor institution. Their NCLEX passage rates is in the low 70%, where nation wide for BSN programs it is well into the 90%. That is horrific. The program thrusts a lot of junk tasks that have little to no value. The UNM program provides very bad prep for the NCLEX and for nursing in general. It is likely one of the worst BSN programs in the nation either statistically speaking or from content. It is a "busy work" school lacking any form of substance. The school ought be avoided; many of the community colleges offer a better overall education. It is a rather pompous and ineffective school...and I know as an unfortunate graduate of the place. Avoid! And, I did attain the accelerated BSN. It was a waste of money.
  6. by   Riggly
    well done Jobo, UNM nursing is junk. I did research their passage rates (after acceptance) and even spoke to a few grads. All were unhappy. I guess you get what you pay for. I did not attend the school opting for a much better and cheaper CNM program. The UNM nclex passing rates are some the worst in the nation for 4 yr BSN program. Their charter should be revoked!
  7. by   Adriana01
    I am currently a student at UNM's CON, and frankly I'm tired of people attempting to trash-talk my school.

    UNM's NCLEX pass rates did fall below the 80% pass rate required by NM statute in 2008...

    However, if you had actually done your research you would know that the data for RN pass rates has been provided from 1991-2008, and every year between 1991-2007 UNM's pass rates were well above 80%, in fact the average pass rate for these 17 years is a 90.1%

    This data is coming directly from - The Board of Nursing for the State of New Mexico's website.
  8. by   dbierwi440
    Check the NM BON site now! They finally updated the RN first time NCLEX pass rates and the BSN program has continued to fall. The the NM Schools that offer a ADN program have continued to have high numbers and it is much easier to gain admission to those schools. ie ENMU-R or Western University. FYI