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  1. dbierwi440

    CNM vs UNM experience

    Check the NM BON site now! They finally updated the RN first time NCLEX pass rates and the BSN program has continued to fall. The the NM Schools that offer a ADN program have continued to have high numbers and it is much easier to gain admission to those schools. ie ENMU-R or Western University. FYI
  2. I am 43 and a veteran. I just completed A&P I, Micro and Chem. I go to school full time and am loving it. I will this next term because of New Mexico requirements for ADN, go through a CNA program this spring for starting nursing in the fall. After 20 years of inquiring about BSN with working nurses, almost all those nurses I met said "get the ADN first and do the RN to BSN online." I will be probably 45 when I receive my ADN. Don't ever let what you think others think of you slow you down. In the end it is you that should be satisfied, not them.
  3. dbierwi440


    Gerald Champion and the county it serves, which is Otero is very good. The previous post refers to the hospital being for sale, but it did file chapter 11 bankruptcy on 16 August 2011. The link is http://www.gcrmc.org/gc.nsf/View/GCRMCUPDATES . There website is listing employment opportunities, but as I have found this is a standard listing. Meaning that they are just building a bank of names vs actually hiring someone.
  4. dbierwi440

    Elderly CNAs

    Whew, You guys had me worried with all this elderly stuff. I'm 41 and in the US Army with intentions on finishing my BSN. In the Army 41 is considered old. Yes older employees are more stable, usually married and arn't worried about what popular culture has to offer and whats on TV. Plus we know what it is like to work long hours and not ***** about it. I'm just glad to know I still have a chance to work until 70!