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  1. dreamerofnursing

    ABQ Apollo vs. ITT

    ITT is not accredited yet, SFCC has no wait, and I just got into CNM's program after one year of waiting. The new director has done a great job of updating the waiting list and getting students in sooner. Plus they just opened up a Rio Rancho facility, brand new! However it's only evening classes. Good luck!
  2. dreamerofnursing

    Did you go to Nursing school in Lubbock or...

    Hello all! I am just researching schools in Lubbock for Nursing. I am really interested in Covenant. Did anyone go there or know anything at all about it? For ex I really want to know if there is a waiting list to get in? Or is it really competitive? Also, Texas Tech?? Anything you could say (or type ha) would be of great help. Thanks so much!
  3. dreamerofnursing

    CNA class vs. NAHA class

    Hi everyone! I am going to nursing school soon, almost done with my pre-requisites. I want to take the Nursing home/home health attendant class, instead of Nursing Assistant class. Does anyone know if the NAHA class will prepare me enough to pass the CNA exam, which I will be eligible to take once I finish with the NAHA class. Does anyone know the major difference between these two classes? Thank you I appreciate it!
  4. dreamerofnursing

    Surgical Technician?

    Hi everyone! I am a pre-nursing student. I might have a wait before the nursing program begins and I am exploring my options. Is taking the three semester surg tech program worth it? I am definitely interested in becoming a med/surg nurse, will this be very beneficial to this and worth the time? Thank you so much!
  5. dreamerofnursing


    Our community college has a semester program for Unit Secretarys. However, I've talked to a few people who work at the hospital doing admitting and such. They say that if you know the right people, you can get hired without that certificate and they will just train you themselves. Most of the time things go that way where its who you know ha ha. Good luck! Also I've learned that hospitals like it if you have a year experience working as a CNM in long term care.
  6. dreamerofnursing

    Surgery Technician?

    Awww I would definitely consider it but I have a four year old and need my family's support right now. That's a good idea though, I will have to check with the hospitals and see if they do the same here, or what they recommend. Thanks!
  7. dreamerofnursing

    Surgery Technician?

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of completing the surgery technician program at CNM during the wait for the nursing program to start. Is anyone a surgery tech? Any advice, or information about it? What else are you guys doing during the two year wait? Thanks and God Bless!
  8. dreamerofnursing

    CNM vs UNM experience

    Hi all! I am currently attending CNM and will be able to petition at the end of this semester. I have also been taking UNM's pre-requisites in hopes of attending the BSN program there. I was planning on attending whichever program is available sooner seeing as how CNM has a waiting list and UNM's program is very competitive. My question is in regards to rumors I've heard that with CNM's nursing program is more hands on and UNM's is more lecture and paper writing. Also, I've heard hospitals like CNM's graduates because of this. That they are more competant (sp?). Can anyone share their experiences with either school or anything you've heard of in regards to this as well? Thanks and God Bless!