area/hospital with enough demand to hire an out of state ADN new grad?

  1. Hello, I was just wondering if there were any particular area's/hospital of NM, that still have a high enough demand to hire an out of state ADN new grad nurse? In particular, the ABQ, Santa Fe, and Taos area's seem very interesting. Any other cities/towns like Taos I might be missing out on? I live in Missouri. I'm willing to relocate and make a commitment for at least 2 years. (maybe a lot longer if I love the area.) A lot of post on here are a few years old. Anyone else have dealing with the NMSBON? If so, how long did the paperwork process take? I am from a compact state.
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  3. by   Scarlettz
    Sorry, I have no details. But I have similar questions and I am interested in relocated there in May 2013 upon graduation. Hope someone replies with some info!
  4. by   JBudd
    Just start sending resumes. Holy Cross in Taos, Christus St. Vincent in Santa Fe, Presbyterian in Espanola (has several hosps in different towns), Alta Vista in Las Vegas, Miner's Colfax in Raton, San Juan Regional in Farmington.

    Each town has a different flavor, lots of variety. All "small town" feel, some more rural than others.
  5. by   silverbat
    I moved here from Missouri. The process to get NM isn't hard. Costs 110 for BON, 40 for background check and 20, I think, to nursys to verify your license, also have to get fingerprint cards/check done as well. The NM board of nursing site is pretty much very informative. Make sure you have all the info they want before you send it to the BON, tho, if you don't, it will take much longer.

    I sent info in the first week of my employment, and got the results before my 3rd week... not bad. MANY jobs in NM.... welcome aboard!
  6. by   medicmatt44
    IMO, you have a better chance obtaining a position at a remote facility (not metro Albuquerque).

    Check out the facilities that JBudd posted.

    Apologies- I am just really down on the hiring situation here in New Mexico. I already have job offers in Colorado Springs, CO and back in Buffalo, NY (where I relocated from).

    I have heard multiple conflicting stories about hiring ADNs at Presbyterian, Lovelace, and UNM-H. Guess it can't hurt to apply?
  7. by   LG1137
    The BON issued my license the day after I hand delivered the completed application packet. Easy.

    I got LUCKY and was hired at a big hospital in downtown Albuquerque as a new grad ADN from out of state. Did I say yet that I feel lucky? It's freaking awesome here. I don't think they are too upitty on BSNs here - yet. More new hires in the ED here are ADNs. So you know, the manager said that he interviewed/hired me because I had already taken ACLS/PALS and Trauma Nurse Core Course and he liked my initiative/commitment.

    I have heard from everybody that I talk to, including current employees, that Christus St. Vincent in Santa Fe sucks. Corporate owned and overworked patient ratios.

    UNMH and Presbyterian in ABQ are both good to work for. Presbyterian has eight hospitals statewide and is the largest provider in the state. Lovelace in ABQ is going through some financial troubles right now, but it is the highest paying hospital in town.

    Taos is a small community and I'm not sure how much they hire at the hospital there. Espanola is on the way to Taos, and you will get some good experience there. Funny, EVERYBODY that I talk to that has worked there says that's where they mastered the IV start - due to the prevalence of heroin in the community.

    Skiing is a big discussion topic this time of year. With 3 on / 4 off, people are making frequent ski trips. Taos is 2.5 hours away, and Durango, CO is only 3.5 hours away!

    Keep us updated and good luck. I think you'll be happy to be here.