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  1. IMO, you have a better chance obtaining a position at a remote facility (not metro Albuquerque). Check out the facilities that JBudd posted. Apologies- I am just really down on the hiring situation here in New Mexico. I already have job offers in Colorado Springs, CO and back in Buffalo, NY (where I relocated from). I have heard multiple conflicting stories about hiring ADNs at Presbyterian, Lovelace, and UNM-H. Guess it can't hurt to apply?
  2. medicmatt44

    Best area to relocate?

    I don't want to rain on your parade but... There are 100s of unemployed new grads here in the metro Albuquerque area. I am an unemployed Respiratory Therapist who moved to ABQ from Buffalo, NY- applied to over 30 RT positions with no hire, even though I have more critical care RT experience than most RT's here. Also- I have applied for 15 Nursing Tech positions with no hire. I am a medic in the Army Reserves, along with being a second semester ADN student. Long story short- unless you know someone (and I know multiple people) I wouldn't have much faith in obtaining a job in ABQ. If you were willing to work in Gallup, Roswell, or remote facilities then you might have an opportunity. I anticipate packing my belongings and relocating once I graduate. You have a betetr chance since I presume that you have been working as a RN while completing your BSN. Apply and see what happens. Sorry
  3. medicmatt44

    Anyone accepted or considering the new GCU program in Albuquerque?

    Thats awesome that you have heard good things about the UNM Valencia program. I think that the admissions are going to get more competitive once the word really gets out. Previous healthcare experience is an absoulte requirement for admission, which I completely agree with. Good luck with GCU! Like I said, I really like their program but couldn't afford it. UNM- Valencia should start accepting applications siometime in Feb or March. PM me and I fill you in if you're interested :)
  4. medicmatt44

    Anyone accepted or considering the new GCU program in Albuquerque?

    I really liked the time frame of the GCU program, but I couldn't afford the tuition- even with an extremely generous scholarship offer x2 application with x2 rejection to UNM Main with a cumulative 3.63 and overall 4.0 in pre-reqs. I am currently enrolled in an ADN program at UNM Valencia in Los Lunas.
  5. medicmatt44

    Anyone accepted or considering the new GCU program in Albuquerque?

    I chose not to attend the GCU program due to I could not afford the cost of the program and I was accepted into another nursing program- so I can't fill you in on any details. Best of luck to you COr7 :)
  6. medicmatt44

    Nclex-rn today! Good pop up...and how i studied

    Congrats on passing! This is great info to keep in mind as I get closer to that magical date- thanks for sharing your strategies and thoughts. Most likely, I will use the same study plan as you. I can study every day for eight hours a day in cram sessions- that's how I have been successful in academics so far. That study guide is absolutely amazing! We owe a HUGE thanks to whomever took the time and energy to put it together :)
  7. medicmatt44

    new grad opportunities

    Thank you so much for this information murse636! Unfortunately, I still have 3 semesters to complete in my ADN program at The University of New Mexico- just east of you in Albuquerque, NM. I have alot more to learn- which I am really looking forward to :) Banner Boswell sounds like the type of hospital that I would love to work at for two reasons. First, I enjoy a fast paced, almost hectic environment where I have to apply and use my critical thinking skills. My employment as a Respiratory Therapist has been at high acuity urban hospital settings, so I am used to the demands of a high acuity facility. Second, while high acuity is nice, what truly makes a difference at the end of the day are positive outcomes for our patients. The statistics clearly demonstrate that Banner is committed to optimal patient health outcomes, while at the same time, providing care within a model of economic efficiency. Best of both worlds! I would like to keep in touch with you (if that's ok with you) regarding future employment at Banner Boswell. I most certainly would relocate for this type of opportunity. My email address is klmmdh@unm.edu or medicmatt@gmail.com Thanks again :)
  8. Here are some links regarding externships and hospitals that offer externships: http://www.jefferson.edu/academic-affairs/schools/career-development-center/Students_Alumni/nurse_externship.html. http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerservices/nursing/externpres.pdf. www.gmc.edu/students/.../NursingandHealthProfessions_004.pdf Eastern - Nursing Externships and Service Opportunities - Guides at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Unfortunately (for me), the majority of externships are for students in a BSN program- I am currently in an ADN program at The University of New Mexico. Hope this helps and good luck :)
  9. medicmatt44

    Atrial fibrillation

    In order to be a professional Registered Nurse, one must develop a scientific knowledge base. Why in the world are nursing students using Wikipedia and google? What happened to textbooks, journals, and databases?
  10. medicmatt44

    COPD Nursing care plan

    I would like to add some of my thus so far knowledge base to this discussion, even though it's too late to change the nursing care plan. 1) Priority Nursing Diagnoses: utilize the ABC's. Ineffective gas exchange is clearly more important than constipation. 2) Use the NANDA book. Its not that expensive and your schools library should have it on reserve. The book is a lifesaver! 3) Nursing Diagnoses can be ordered in terms of precedent/priority using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. As for myself, I prefer to use Dr. Calista Roy's Adaptation Model when ordering nursing diagnoses. The Roy Adaptation Model [TABLE=width: 350] [TR] [TD=bgcolor: #d7cbae]Physiologic-physical[/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #d7cbae]Five needs - oxygenation, nutrition, elimination, activity and rest, protection Four complex processes-senses; fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance; neurologic function; endocrine function[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] 4) You absolutely must differentiate between different nursing diagnoses using your diagnostic data (Green tea illustrated this point perfectly when comparing Ineffective Breathing Pattern to Ineffective Gas Exchange). Not to brag, but I received 190/200 points on my first ever care plan this past semester using the above tips as a starting point.
  11. Because you sound very interested in military service, I would advocate contacting a recruiter and explaining that you are interested in one of the medical specialties. They will be able to answer your questions more in depth :) I can only speak for the Army Reserve: I am on active orders for 3 weeks per year and train one weekend a month (which sometimes is thursday- Sunday) at my reserve unit, which is located in my community. That being said, I have deployed to Iraq as a Reservist- so it's not really the old "weekend warrior" that it once was. Hope this helps you out. Best of luck!
  12. I don't see why not, but- it would be difficult. I would contact WGU and ask what their policies are concerning military taking classes in terms of deployments, etc. I completed six years of active duty and pretty much all I did after the completion of the duty day was drink beer and hang out. Some of the more forward thinking Joes took college classes online or at the base education center. Also- you would be eligible for tuition assistance while a member of the armed forces. I do not know what the amount is for active duty. The TA reimbursement for reserve is ~5 K. Have you considered the Naval Reserve? If I were in your shoes, I would enlist in the Naval Reserves as a Naval Corspman. Utilize the Reserve GI Bill and Tuition Assistance. BTW- The Army has LPN positions that you can enlist for.
  13. I am in the same situation regarding summer externship for 2013. Commenting to move this post higher in the thread. I can't imagine that a Nurse Externship would provide a student nurse with housing (although that would be nice). Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I know that externships are quite competitive, so fellow students may not want to provide us in with information- which could potentially decrease their own chance of selection.
  14. 1) I would like to clarify enlisting. When one enlists, they are either an Officer rank or Enlisted rank. 2) If you enlist as an ADN (which isn't possible), you will be considered an Enlisted rank (instead of an Officer) and you will NOT be practicing as a RN (as I stated above). 3) In order to commission as a RN in the Navy (or any military branch), the applicant is required to complete their BSN and have a minimum of 2 years of critical care experience. You can most certainly enlist in the Navy as a Naval Corpsman, but you will NOT be practicing as a RN. I know that this is difficult for civilians to understand. For example, I am a civilian Respiratory Therapist and a Medic in the Army Reserve. I am not authorized to practice as a RT in uniform. Likewise, we have some RN's in my unit that are medics and they are not authorized to perform as a RN.
  15. medicmatt44

    Exam question on copd please help!

    I am presuming that this is a NCLEX test question... your priority nursing intervention is 2-3 L/M O2 via NC. One of the above posters is correct that O2 is a drug, which requires a physicians order to administer. However (in the realm of the NCLEX) if you selected notify the physician (to obtain an order), you would get this question wrong as you are delaying care. Additionally, you must auscultate the patient to ensure that adequate ventilation is present. COPD pt's will tend to run on the HTN side of the house due to chronic arteriolar vasoconstriction, along with concurrent pulmonary HTN.