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Hi, my name is Cynthia. I was introduced to this site by my friend stephany, we are in the same nursing class. I believe I met stephany by faith and that we were destine to meet. Our personality is alike but different, we have our ups and downs but nevertheless we turn falling bricks into stepping stones. I am very glad that I met Stephany. I am honor to log in and share information with everyone. Thanks Stephany!!!:D

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Welcome, Cynthia! :)


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hi there.. welcome ;)


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Welcome to the board Cynthia!!!! You will love it hear...there are plenty of ears to listen, plenty of cyber-shoulders to lean on and plenty of cyber-arms to send you lots of supportive hugs. Hope to post to you soon.



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glad to see you posting. see you in class tomorrow!


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welcome to the boards!

nurse 2004

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thank you for the greeting.


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Hello and welcome!


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Hello, come on in and have a seat, glad your here.

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