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Originally posted by chelli73

but I am Catholic--not Christian, believe it or not, there is a difference.

I really hate to ask, because I don't want to stir up any ill will. But this statement has been bugging me all morning. I even went to my vegetarian site that has a "Christian Vegetarian" message board and asked them.

But could you, or anyone else kindly explain the difference between a Catholic and a Christian? I won't flame, won't judge, and I'll let it go. But I really want to know. Thanks.

I'm sorry for being so pissy this AM. That wasn't very welcoming of me. I should have minded my own business. But sometimes I run off at the mouth.


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Dear NurseWeasel,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are right, I should know when to keep religion out of certain areas. For the record, my SPIRITUALITY is far more important to me than any religion. But I will watch my P's and Q's from now on. you are so right!!!!

But now someone wants to know the difference between a Catholic and a Christian!!! I want to answer but I don't want to look like a troublemaker here!!!!!

For 3rdshiftguy, here goes :)

1. Catholics believe in the Saints, Christians do not. (ex. St. Jude, St. Michael)

2. Catholics follow a certain type of bible, it has a few latin words in the first page that let us know that the book has been "OK'd".

Pretty wierd, huh?!

3. Catholics fulfill 5 sacraments to the church in their life, Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and the bummer: Last Rites.

Trust me I am more spiritual than religious!!!!! These are but a few differences. I am no theoligian--I AM A FUTURE RN!!!!! Take care.....


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Chelli73, imho I believe you HAVE come this far by the grace of God... You go girl for sticking through everything... God bless:kiss

3rdShiftGuy, i'll get back with you on the Catholic vs. Christian thing


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Correction!!!!!! Eucharist and Confirmation are the same, ABSOLUTION is actually one of the original 5 sacraments!!!!!

Now let us all have some fun conversation!!!!!! I really am a good gal !!!!1


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Aw Chelli - lots of us read these boards, lol, and it was cool the way you took on the "holy" roll. Rabbi's are holy, therefore I was well withing limits with my inquiry of Rabbi. I don't want to touch off a religious flame.

Lol, during my mental health class they talked about some people hear things in their head, and have deliusions. I can tell I soured some in real life when I simply said the word god at that time. I think it's neat how it sends folks whirling out in space.

Welcome to this board, and I'll remember your Catholic and not Hebrew, lol! This is a place we talk and learn, but not to harm anyone. I love you. Love makes the world go round all the time.



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Welcome Chelli 73

Now back to one of your original questions- is your small ADN program a concern...?

...probably not.

Ask if your program is NLN (national league of nursing) accredited. That is ONE "seal of approval" for nursing programs. Also ask about the success rate of your schools graduates passing the licensing exam/ NCLEX. How about sucess the second time around for those who don't pass the first time? Are local hospitals knocking on your schools door looking for it's graduates?

Even without those criteria, you may still have a fine program and can become a fine nurse.

I firmly believe the program is only part of the makings of a great nurse. The student has to put the time and energy into their studies, develop those critical thinking skills, and take responsibility for their own learning.

It sounds like you have those skills and tons of dedication already!!!!

Good luck to you in your studies. Keep on posting:)


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OH good LORD PEOPLE, this was not meant to be a DEBATE over RELIGION thread was it??????? Read the original, post and try get past the "God bless part"....

Anyhow, welcome to the boards, chelli!!! There are states that have agreements of reciprocity (that is you can be licensed in any of them and practice in any of the others with just the one license.). Nursing 2003, career edition, listed the specific states. Or, Check with your state Board of Nursing to see if yours is one of them. I wish you luck in your ADN studies and in your future career. Take it one day at time, one semester at a time and you will do ok. Develop excellent study habits and organization RIGHT will need it! Any more questions, just ask. And forget the debate; no one was trying to yank your chain, really. I hope I helped some here.

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Chelli 73, I appreciate you're answering my question. I was interested. Thanks.


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Thanks for all of the advice, allnurses!! I am so happy that I found this website, and I will be back!!!!


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welcome to the board! much continued success!

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