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I've heard a lot of good things about the McGraw 5 Test practice book. For anyone that hasn't taken the teas test yet McGraw is releasing a new version of the book (second edition) the front looks the same just a different girl on the cover. The book will be on the market in a few days. I hope this edition is just as good as the first or better. Just wanted to let people know if they didn't already know!! ;)


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Thanks! I'm registering to take the TEAS sometime in April.


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Oh wow thanks for that! I plan on taking the TEAS this year, and so I had bought the McGraw 5 Test practice book a few months back. But NurseKarrin if you do purchase the new version and use it to take the TEAS can you let me know if the new book that they're putting out helped you alot, or greatly? Thanks! Or if anyone else uses the new book and how much it helped with the test.


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Please let me know if the new book helped you after taking the TEAS. I would appreciate it.


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Thanks for sharing.


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Im buying the new book ( I saw it on amazon ) for pre-order. And I'm using the old book as well. I would imagine that the new book is better...but I will let you guys know!!


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$15 increase for new girl on cover? Both have same page numbers but the more expensive one comes a free app.:wideyed:


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I bought the first edition. I felt like it was pretty good in everything but science. I am going to retake in June. I will have graduated high school, and I will have lots more time on my hands to actually study. I didn't even know there was a second, so please let us know how the second edition is whoever buys it! I would like the feedback!


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Has anyone taken the TEAS test yet with the help of the new Mc Graw 2nd edition book??? Was it helpful or not?