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New L&D RN, transitioning from medsurg


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Hey all my beautiful fellow nurses. I have just accepted my dream position at L&D and I am sooo excited. With all that excitement comes alot of thoughts of how I need to refresh myself on my L&D content. I have been a med surg nurse for a year and a half and that has been my only position as an RN after nursing school. Are there any tips from L&D nursing or any advice that can help me get ready for this new chapter? What is your normal daily routine like or nightly routine? What are some of the most rewarding moments and how do you deal with the sad moments in L&D? I start on Jan 5th.

All tips and advice are welcome!

It is a great career! Labor and delivery has been my path for sixteen years. You will do great because you are motivated and excited. Birth is amazing. Just be open to suggestions, ideas, ask lots of questions. Do not ever think you know what will happen, even after 16 years, there is always a twist and turn during labor and delivery!!!

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Congrats! I would try to scope out a mentor on your floor once you start. Also stop by a book store and browse through some new nursing textbooks. Good luck!

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Congratulations! My first advice will be to expect yourself to feel overwhelmed and "at sea" with this new area at first - we all did! It takes about a year to really feel competent in L&D. Not that you may not be competent before then, but to feel the confidence. If you understand this you won't stress yourself quite as much.

Take advantage of all the training and any extra classes and seminars you may be offered during training.

Know that your time in med-surg will prove very valuable as many pregnant women have other health issues as well.

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Congrats! I was in your position two years ago when I transferred from Ortho/Bariatrics/Med-Surg to Labor and Delivery. I was so excited and overwhelmed at the same time during my orientation. I am sure you will do awesome. Just keep asking your more experience peers questions and for advice. After two years, I still feel unsure of myself sometimes, but I have awesome co-workers that help me all the time. I think that having a medical-surgical background will be really beneficial to you, especially when you have patients that come in with other medical issues. As for a routine, I don't really have one because I find that every shift is different, some are much busier than others, some nights I am the triage nurse, some nights I start off in the OR, and some nights I have two laboring patients. Once you start working, you will find what works for you. Congrats and good luck!


baglady rn, i am a recent nurse grad and interested in specializing in maternity nursing. Would love to ask you a couple of questions. Please send me a personal message if possible.