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I just found out today that i got a new job in the cmicu at our hospital, we are THE largest cardiac hospital in the area, averaging 200 cmicu admissions /month. I nervous as i have zero cardiac experience! How hard is this stuff to learn?

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Study hard Kewl.

But enjoy, it's fascinating


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it don't take long kewl, all falls into place!! :) personally, heart is my favorite,...but a cardiac unit is a good place to start!! good luck to ya!!! :)


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I'm new to my unit too. We deal with a lot of things that I've never been exposed to before, and we're definitely very busy. It WILL seem overwhelming at first, but even though I've only been on the unit 3 months, I have learned a lot, and I am more comfortable than I was in the first few days. I also had the experience of dealing with 2 preceptors--one I get along with very well, and one that I didn't. I've found that asking questions is the only way:p I've been very fortunate in that most of the nurses on my unit are very helpful and work very hard to answer my questions. I've also found that writing down things that you don't understand (that aren't urgent) and looking them up at the end of the day is very helpful.

you're gonna love it! next move, open heart. BTW where are you transferring from?

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