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  1. Anyone here been accepted, or go to William Paterson?
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  3. by   lucylumps
    I graduated there May 2006. PM me if you need specific information. Besides that you need to have your pre-reqs completed so that you can finish with just your nursing courses to work through. Instructors are the same everywhere! You have to take it as it is and basically roll with it. Just do your best! The nursing chair is always willing to email or talk with you if you ever need her... at least that was my experience.

    Take care and good luck!
  4. by   thomk
    I too graduated from there in May of 2006. I have to agree with lucylumps just do your best. The Nursing chair is always willing to talk with you. As for the instructors, from what I have read on this website are typical instructors some are really great and some are not.
  5. by   DanEMT
    Thank you both sorry it has taken me so long to post back to you I started a full time EMS job working nights and i haven't had any time.
  6. by   bdogan
    I just got accepted to WPU's accelerated program. I graduated from there with a BA in exersice science and like the school. Does anyone know how their accelerated nursing program is?
  7. by   JAshley
    I graduated from the willy p accelerated program august 2008. It was a great program! PM me for specific questions.
  8. by   bdogan
    hi! thank you so much for letting me know! Made me feel a lil better. I would love to talk to u about the program but what is a PM? I just joined so I dunno what it is? But id love to hear ur experience at WPU because I will be starting there this summer.
  9. by   JAshley
    A PM is a private message. But what questions did you have? I will try to answer them. The program is a bit intense at times, but it's very do-able. I work full time throughout the majority of the program even when professors would try to discourage me from working.
  10. by   bdogan
    Hii, sorry i took so long, but i just wanna hear ur experience there. Would u recommend it to anyone else? Do u regret goin there? I cant beleive u said that u worked full time when u went there? Thats awesome!! Are u currently employed now as nurse?
    I mean i also got accepted to UMDNJ so now i have to reconsider my decision? I really wanna go to wpu, i graduated from there and want to go back. However, i know umdnj is a good school also, but i hear its verrryyy intense. I mean they told me that they dont give anyone a break in between semesters and i think its healthy for us have a break even thought its an accelerated program, think we need breaks in between. Do u still have ur wpu email address? Ill email u or PM u but dont know who to do that?
  11. by   JAshley
    I would recommend the program to other people, I don't regret going there at all. It was great, I met a great group of people and we're all still friends now. That really helped a lot, other people around you won't understand what you are going through...care plan struggles and long clinical hours really get to you. I also graduated from there and then went back. I don't anything about the UMDNJ program but that's another great program I think. I just know that Willy p really prepared us well for the boards, all my friends passed. The breaks are so short it doesn't even really feel like a break.
  12. by   bdogan
    Iam glad to hear that u liked it cuz im at BCC now doin my pre req's and ppl dont say good things about WPU's program? I dunno why, i had a good experience there and like the campus very much. Did u really finish the program within 15 months and passed all your classes to graduate in time? Are the professors nice and helpful? Do they at least understand what your goin through? I really appreciate your comments and feelings, it really helps a lot cuz i dont no anyone who is in the nursing program there, esp the accelerated one. Also, i tried replying back to ur PM but there was no reply button?
  13. by   JAshley
    I finished everything on time and I finished within the 15 month time frame. The professors for the most part are very helpful and nice... other's are not as nice but everyone wants to see you do well. We all complained as we were going thru the program because of all the care plans and long clinical hours, but now we're all happy... a lot of us are having issues finding jobs but that's another story.
  14. by   bdogan
    Ok i see, but if u dont mind me asking, why are u all having trouble finding jobs? i thought nurses were needed everywhere? the school cant place u somewhere? Or is it cuz of the economy? I hope u are employed somewhere....