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Hi, everyone: I live in Newark, currently I am studying for a professiona license required by the job. I will be done in the Summer, I wish to go into nursing program in September. But I heard... Read More

  1. by   Lovelymo79
    Quote from healinghand
    If you did not get a chance to attend the session,
    try visiting the Elizabeth Campus on August 26,when students will be lining up to register.The line may start at 4:00 A.M.
    This will give you an idea and this will be like"Ask all you can" and "Get all the answers day " for you.
    You need to act FAST.And make a personal visit if you want to save some time.
    Good luck
    Hi Healinghand..that post is old. I've already been accepted and registered! I'm on my way:-)
  2. by   healinghand
    Quote from Lovelymo79
    Hi Healinghand..that post is old. I've already been accepted and registered! I'm on my way:-)
    Good luck
    If you already know what books you have to buy,my recommendation is start with Doses Calculations and Medical terminology.
    Read Perry and Potter like Bible.Everyday.
  3. by   Gwapaz27
    I currently live in FL and planning of moving to NJ if I find a school for me. I heard trinitas is good. But I am afraid that there is a long wait to get in the program.I have a 2.0 GPA.I have finished all my pre-req for RN.How long do you think i'm going to wait to actually get in the program itself?
  4. by   Gwapaz27
    I currently live in FL and planning of moving to NJ if I find a school for me. I heard trinitas is good. But I am afraid that there is a long wait to get in the program.I have a 2.0 GPA.I have finished all my pre-req for RN.How long do you think i'm going to wait to actually get in the program itself?
  5. by   ortizgi
    Hey I am currently in Union County waiting for my letter to enter nure 130, did u ever enter union county, and did u get in to nure 130 yet, just wondering how long it would take also. Good luck with everything
  6. by   Mdizzel
    Just a piece of advice for the students on the wait list. Trinitas is not easy, i hope you guys are ready when you get the invitation b/c it will get tough in a hurry after 130. I hope u finished your sciences b4 going in. High and I mean very High attrition rate so make sure you know what your getting yourself into. Pls talk to students who are ahead of you guys to get an idea. Im still in and i saw what can happen bc my friends had withdrawn. Its going to feel like only the best can survive.
  7. by   taniasjijo
    please help me!
    i got a letter from UCC/TRINITAS few days ago---it said...you have been accepted for admission into cooperative nursing program conducted by UCC and Trinitas for the class entering in fall 2006. THIS ACCEPTANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENROLLEMENT IN NURSING COURSES. PLEASE MEET WITH A COLLEGE COUNCELOR TO REVIEW YOUR PRE-REQ'S AND TO SCHEDULE YOUR NON CLINICAL COURSES FOR FALL 06.
    i went to UCC and spoke to a counselor...she had no idea what she was talking about...i was sent to the admissions and spoke to another person...he literally laughed at my face saying "oh don't get too happy...everyone who applies to trinitas gets a letter like that but you have to go through so much more to actually start your program". by the end of summer--i'll be finishing up ALL of my pre-req's...currently i hold a 3.95 GPA...when this MAN told me that i have to take 3 remedial engliah and 2 remedial math---i was insulted! how dare he say that to me. after putting 3 years of my life and finishing up all of my college level english with A's and math with A's...how dare this man say that to me? he was looking at my MCC placement testing scores that i took almost 4 years back and suggesting his wise advice!...after i explained myself...he said oh then you have to talk to a big shot from the english department and prove to them and they will waive your remedials. I really wanted to slap him across the face. he was very much discouraging me and was saying 1 million people apply for this--WHAT???
    so this is my dilemna...what should i do? may 8th they start registraion...should i go and wait online like 4 in the morning even though i haven't received an "invitation"...i just don't see or feel the need to prove myself to someone that i can speak english. born and raised in NY...i'm 25 years old...and a GPA that shows them my background...why do they harass people that have the passion...that have the dedication to become a nurse. I started working at the age of 13 in a nursing home. all my life i've done volunteer works and showed that compassion for care...and people like him just shatters and insults your dream...just really should be fired!
    so guys tell me what i should do???????? i feel so good getting all of this off my chest. thanks for your time guys!
  8. by   tower
    This is nothing new. I did my undergrad at Rutgers, and have two BS degrees. They still told me I had to go to the head of departments to get waivers for prereqs. And this was 3 years ago. You must realize, the person evaluating the transcripts is someone who has like a psych degree, and does not know any better. When I was there, she used a 10 year old out of date Rutgers catalog to compare classes that I took to the UCC requisites. It took me almost two weeks of going to various departments, and to the deans offices in Cranford to finally get everything taken care of. Don't get discouraged. And yes the aceptance does not guarantee enrollment. They have limited staff to teach a limited number of students. That does not look like it will get any better anytime soon. Big nursing shortage equals higher pay rates equals higher demand to get into classes to get a degree. That is not gong to change anytime soon. You have to just deal with it. It's going to be like this for quite some time. Rest assured though, you'll have to deal with a lot of BS at Trinitas, but you will come out with everything you need to get through the NCLEX and feel comfortable with your skills.
  9. by   fnimat1
    Hello everyone,
    I haven't posted in awhile, so it's good to be back. I just received a letter from UCC/Trinitas, and they invited me to start NURE 130 for the fall. The letter had 4 sessions that NURE 130 is being offered. I had to send them a reply e-mail telling them my preference of section choice.
    The sections are as follows: Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
    Monday 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.
    Thursday 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.
    Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    I have to check on a website in a couple of weeks to see if I made it. I am keeping them as a backup choice. I was accepted to Seton Hall's pre-nursing program. I'm having second thoughts about it though. A woman called me today from SHU..she said she was my transfer advisor (I"m transferring from Bloomfield College) anyway....she said to me, "you do know that your chances of getting accepted to the nursing program are slim"...I replied, "what, why is that?" and she went on with some bull... Anyway I"m going on Thursday, to speak to a nursing advisor.

    "Destined to become a R.N. and N.N.P"
  10. by   fnimat1
    Oh, and I forgot to mention...I applied to UCC/Trinitas a year and a half ago, and here they are inviting me into the program.

  11. by   VeggieNurse
    Hello everyone! Its been so long since I have been here.. Great to be back! Fatima, I was just reading through the posts and I see that you are getting accepted into all kinds of schools..! THATS GREAT! what ever happened to Essex County College nursing program?? I took that A/P II and I only have chemistry to take now. Essex County College does not offer Stafford Loan any longer you have to take out a personal loan through NJ CLASS, and because I was taking computer classes there before I can no longer recieve state of federal grant money.. .. so basically, I have to wait until I can save up enough money to take one class at a time..what to do.?? I dont dare consider going back to UCC, you just got your letter after a year and a half.. who knows how long it would take me.... Confused about Seton Hall..why accept you then tell you that you have a slim chance?? These schools are all so confusing..they dont make it east at all..
  12. by   jms79
    My name is Jodi. I applied to the school late in the summer and like everyone else thought that the letter was a letter to get into NURE 130. HAHA what a joke. I have my bachelors degree. I went to the college and didnt have to take the placement test. I received credits from six classes. I didnt have to go to any department heads to get anything waived. I just started classes last week at Trinitas School of Nursing. I'm alittle nervous. I am taking Chem 105, chem 105 lab, Anatomy and Physiology 105 and lab and Child Psy 205. I keep hearing that you need to be invited into the school of Nursing/Nure 130. I was wondering how long does it take to get an invitation and what kind of grades do you need? After this semester I only have microbiology and the second Anatomy and Physiology left. I am wondering if it is a good program? Is the courses hard? What should I expect? I've spoken to a few people and it seems no one has received an invitation to the school. Thank you for all your help.

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  13. by   tower
    As a graduate, I can say yes the classes are difficult. Nure 130 is a joke, but do not in anyway allow it to skew your idea of the program. You will be challenged. Nure 131 is not all that bad, but as soon as you reach 132, the difficulty is raised 10x's. This is where you cover every single organ sytem. If you are use to going out or spending time with friends or family, get that out of your head now. You will live, sleep, eat and crap nursing this semester. 230 and 231 are a little less strenuous but difficult nonetheless. Be prepared.

    As for the rest of your email, I came into the program with 2 science degrees from Rutgers. I had to fight to get some classes accepted since, the names of the courses were different (Even though they covered the same material exactly). Thats Union County not Trinitas. They try to rape you for evry penny they can. Having started the program before the whole "invitation" deal was started, I don't know the time frame of waiting. I just finished May of 2005, and they were just getting that underway. They are just more selective now since shile I was taking classes the attrition rate each semester was at least 50%. Now they want students who have a higher chanace of completing the program withou fail. Also coupled with the fact that there are limited numbers of clinical sites available, student population each semester must be limited so they can accomadate everyone for clinicals. It sucks because now you are thrown off track if you have set a certain time frame for yourself to finish the program. You will typically find that everywhere. Theres not enough plces for clinicals and not enough faculty to teach.

    Yes Trinitas is a good program. You have to deal with the same amount of bs you find at any achool, but concentrate on the end point alone and you will be fine. Don't sweat the smalll stuff, you cant control. You will come out of there able to pass the boards, and completely confidant in your clinical skills once on the floor working as an RN.

    Hope that helps.