Rutgers ABSN 2013 - page 8

Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I am hoping to be accepted into the Rutgers accelerated nursing program that begins this May/June. I would love to chat with anyone who is currently in the program... Read More

  1. by   SweetDream
    On the website it said after fall 2011, you have to complete it before applying
  2. by   Aleenas
    I found out i got accepted into Rutgers ABSN program for this Fall at Newark campus. I have a few questions and I was hoping if you could answer it for me. Which campus do you go to? What is the class size and professors like? Are you commuting or living at the dorms? From the class layout i see that there is a lot of classes during the 1st semester, is it manageable? Any other advices or suggestions to succeed in this program?

  3. by   lte16
    Congrats, Aleenas!

    Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your credentials, and what they've told you about the program so far? What was your undergrad GPA and where did you attend? Did you have jobs in the medical field before applying? What do you feel gave you the edge to get into the program? And about the program itself, when are the start and end dates for the fall cohort? What were the names of the courses you took in order to fulfill the Interpersonal Communications, Nutrition, and Life Span requirements? And any other information you may have for a Fall 2015 Newark hopeful?

    Thanks so much!
  4. by   SweetDream
    How is the program going for you guys?