Lpn at lincoln tech in NJ?

  1. Hello, my main goal is to become a nurse bsn one day. But that all changed when i had my son. Im 23 with a 7 month old. I live with my parents who help me out a lot. I get no child support so money is really tight for me. I wanted to do an rn program in middlesex, NJ. But i have a lot of pre courses i need to take. Which will take 2 yrs for me. Then another 2 yrs in the program. I already failed basic math twice at the college. I don't want to be a nurse by the time my son is 5 or 6. I need a nursing job right now. I have to support my son. I work as a cna now. And i was looking at the lpn program at lincoln tech. I just want to make sure after going to lincoln tech i can do the lpn to rn at union county college. In the end i really just want my rn associates. Im not really into management or teaching. So the associates is fine for me. Maybe later on in my life I'll do the bsn. Anyone went to lt? Is this the right track for me?
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    First, you need to check with Union County College as to whether they would accept any of the coursework for Lincoln Tech. If credits other than an LPN license are required for the LPN-RN bridge program are needed you may have to retake the credits. Quite often coursework completed at a private for profit school are not easily transferred to private/public not for profit schools ("traditional" schools).

    Depending on what type of math you failed, it may be a hindrance in LPN school. You might want to see if the college has a tutoring program to help you strengthen your weaker areas in math. For my school, you had to pass a math test at the 12th grade level for entry and a math calculation test was a requirement to continue in the program at the half way point. Drug and dosage calculations are part of the curriculum.

    See page 3 for Lincoln Tech of this document from the NJ Board of Nursing regarding NCLEX-PN pass rates for the past 5 years:

    As far as determining what is the best choice for you, no one can answer that but you. Have you tried meeting with an academic or career counselor at the college to perhaps map out a plan of action?
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    I am currently attending Lincoln Tech and from my experience so far it is a good school, a lot of people who have attended there has expected it to be an easy way out and it is not. As far as the passing the NCLEX I did hear that the passing rate was not that good but that is not based on the school as a whole it is based on the individual you can only get out what you put in. I put in blood sweat and tears and I know I will be passing on the 1st try. Also they are continuously making changes to better the program and improve the passing rate. I did look into traditional schools but they do take a longer time. Cause you still have to do your prerequisites as well as algebra and psychology before you can even get into the program. Plus the program itself takes like a year and some change. I choose Lincoln cause it will only take me a year to finish the program. My cousin is in Union County College LPN program but she has been in school for like 2 years already. I have known and heard of plenty of people who have went to Lincoln Tech, has passed the NCLEX and is now working.
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    im applying now to lincoln tech i just want to know how is the entrance exam ? thanks u hun goodluck on ur journey
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    Quote from JulezC83
    im applying now to lincoln tech i just want to know how is the entrance exam ? thanks u hun goodluck on ur journey
    The entrance test at Lincoln tech is easy I passed but but I ended up going to Middlesex county vocational because they are a better school all the way around and the NCLEX pass rate is @85% where as Lincoln tech is in the basement. Also Lincoln cost 28,000-30,000 dollars where count vocational schools cost less then 10,000. But it will be what you make it in the end. Also Lincoln cost 28,000-30,000 dollars and it is not worth it when there are vocational school in the same area that cost a lot less and the entrance exam is just as easy as lincoln techs Well good luck to you. Everybody have a different experience at Lincoln. I am glad I went elsewhere.
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    I attended the LPN program at Lincoln tech in 2010, and it was not a walk in the park. It was difficult because there is a lot of work, tests, projects and let's not forget clinicals that they cram into one year when it takes at any other school 2 years. One thing I will say it is well worth it. You learn a great deal and it is constant hands on. I graduated and I am almost 6 years as an LPN. It was a great experience but you have to work extremely hard if you want it. I have a great job that pays exceptionally well. I say do it and it will all pay off at the end. Now I am looking for a bridge program to receive my bachelors degree. I give Lincoln tech two thumbs up.