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  1. Hi all. I'm not too sure if anyone still replies on this website, but I'm being hopeful. I was just recently accepted to the Fall 2017 HCCC Nursing school here in Jersey City, NJ. I was told that I'd be receiving documents for a criminal background check and I believe a drug test. I know that my start date is pretty far from right now, but I just wanted to make sure that all is still right because I haven't received any mail. How long did others wait to receive these documents/forms or how was your acceptance process done? Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    We moved your thread to our New Jersey Nursing forum to increase the likelihood of a reply. Good luck to you.
  4. by   lperez02
    Hi, I'm currently enrolled at hudson county community college, When did you apply to the program? I'm trying to submit my application now in December. Wanted an insight on the application process. In regards to your question you should contact the nursing program and they can give you more information on drug screening and background.

  5. by   jcas
    Hello, lperez02. I applied to the program in September or October with my prereqs (College Chem, helps to have College Alg. & College A&P 1 completed) done. I submitted my application in person and was told to take the NLN, the nursing entrance exam, so I waited till the test was available at our school location. Once I took it, the scores were available within 48 hours of taking it. From there, I waited maybe 2 weeks before getting my acceptance letter!

    I say focus on getting the application in as soon as possible as seats are/will be filling up quickly! Also, study for the NLN! Good luck (:
  6. by   lperez02
    Hi Jcas, Thanks so much for replying back to me. My only problem is that i still don't have college algebra and chemistry, I already registered for next semester Spring 2017 to take these two. Im hoping they will accept me even while im enrolled taking those two last classes.
    Did you go the letters of background and drug screening? are you going for night or day division?

    Good luck with everything and congrats on the acceptance, Praying i get accepted also
  7. by   jcas
    Well, they do accept HS chemistry if it's been taken within the last 5 years of applying to nursing school. Otherwise, I'm not too sure if they'll allow it. For you, I hope that they do!

    I'm going for the day division. And I think I'll give it a little more time since my start date isn't until next Fall, maybe it's a little too soon to be getting those letters. Not too sure! I do hope I'll get them by February, latest April.. Lol.
  8. by   REWN
    I know this post is a little old, but I just sent my acceptance in to HCCC today :-) I am doing the night division. Are you guys doing night or day?
  9. by   lperez02
    hi Rewn congratulations!!! when did you applied to the program? i still havent submitted my application
  10. by   REWN
    I think I heard back about a week or so after getting everything in. I know getting everything in seems daunting, but focus on one thing at a time. 1) Mail your application now. You can apply before finishing your prereqs. 2) After you get that in, work on getting your references, those will likely take a week or two for people to write and mail in. 3) After your application is in, you'll hear back on a testing date. Study, study, study while you wait for it.

    Before you know it, you'll be getting your acceptance!!
  11. by   erydelle
    Hi all-
    I'm a current HCCC student who just took the PAX RN exam this past week. I would love to hear from those of you who have already been accepted about your experience with the application process. How long did it take for you to receive word after taking the exam/submitting the application? I am a bit worried now hearing that students have been accepted since last fall; I imagine now that less space is available, it is more competitive to get in. My PAX score is: Verbal 87, Math 80, Science 99, composite score 144, RN percentile 97%, but my GPA is on the lower end at 3.64. Curious to hear my credentials are similar to those of you who have been accepted. Just a bit anxious and worried that I waited too long to take the exam. Thanks for any help!
  12. by   amenedmund7
    Hi everyone, I took the NLN PAX and got a 95 composite. Does anyone know whether I will be accepted into HCCC? I have a 3.3 GPA. Or is there a school in NJ that will accept my score?
  13. by   keepitchic
    Hi, I'm planning to attend Fall 2018 and I was wondering does anyone have a syllabus for NSG 101? I heard it's hard and I want to get a head start in studying, but don't know where to begin.
    Thanks in advance!
  14. by   keepitchic
    Hi, I'm planning to attend Fall 2018 and I was wondering would you happen to have a syllabus for NSG 101? I heard it's hard and I want to get a head start in studying, but don't know where to begin.
    Thanks in advance!