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  1. Well, they do accept HS chemistry if it's been taken within the last 5 years of applying to nursing school. Otherwise, I'm not too sure if they'll allow it. For you, I hope that they do! I'm going for the day division. And I think I'll give it a little more time since my start date isn't until next Fall, maybe it's a little too soon to be getting those letters. Not too sure! I do hope I'll get them by February, latest April.. Lol.
  2. Hello, lperez02. I applied to the program in September or October with my prereqs (College Chem, helps to have College Alg. & College A&P 1 completed) done. I submitted my application in person and was told to take the NLN, the nursing entrance exam, so I waited till the test was available at our school location. Once I took it, the scores were available within 48 hours of taking it. From there, I waited maybe 2 weeks before getting my acceptance letter! I say focus on getting the application in as soon as possible as seats are/will be filling up quickly! Also, study for the NLN! Good luck (:
  3. Hi all. I'm not too sure if anyone still replies on this website, but I'm being hopeful. I was just recently accepted to the Fall 2017 HCCC Nursing school here in Jersey City, NJ. I was told that I'd be receiving documents for a criminal background check and I believe a drug test. I know that my start date is pretty far from right now, but I just wanted to make sure that all is still right because I haven't received any mail. How long did others wait to receive these documents/forms or how was your acceptance process done? Thank you in advance!