Hospitals with On-Site Day Care?

  1. Anyone aware of any? Details? Costs?

    Many thanks!
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  3. by   NJNursing
    At Robert Wood Johnson - Hamilton - they have a daycare center across their parking lot. It's called the Lakeview Daycare Center and they have several of them, so you can bring your child to the one near the hospital or one near your home. Nurses get daycare at 50% off. My classmate was going to send her daughter there (pre-nurse) and it was about $800 a month, so with the discount it would be $400 a month. They provide all diapers, food and formula, snacks - all you have to provide is the child and a change of clothes.

    Here's a link to the daycare:
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  4. by   rbytsdy
    I was just doing a search on this last night - I only looked at hospitals in my area though.

    I don't have details but it appears that the following hospitals have onsite daycare:
    CentraState (Bright Horizons)
    Somerset Medical Center has sick child daycare (not regular daycare though)
    Hunterdon Medical Center
    St. Peter's

    I'd love to get details too!
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  5. by   froggg123
    Where are you located?

    Like NJNursing said RWJ-Hamilton has 50% full-time and I think its 25% part-time (I believe they have at least three locations to choose from of course the one right there is closest but there always seems to be a wait for infants but they have another location in Quakerbridge Plaza)

    Virtua's have daycare but it is located in Voorhees

    Lourdes has one but only in Camden (dont quote me on that LOL)


    edited to say....the link NJNursing provided has all of the locations, there are quite a few!!
  6. by   tenrn1
    Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck NJ has day care. I am past the age that I would use it, so I can not supply the costs
  7. by   L P N to B
    Chilton has one. My friend worked there and sent her daughter there, about 4 yrs back, it was $300 a month with her discount. I'm sure its a little more by now, but she really liked the program and so did her little girl!
  8. by   decartes
    Morristown Memorial and UMDNJ Newark offer daycare services.
  9. by   JerseyGuy
    The Saint Barnabas Health Care System has daycare in several of their acute care facilities, including, SBMC in Livingston, Newark Beth Israel in Newark, Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville, Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch.
  10. by   DNRme
    Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune has one. I don't know the cost since I work nights, but everyone seems happy with it. They also do lots w/the hospital, like halloween parade and stuff. JSUMC is also an easy commute, right off the parkway, 18, and 33.
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