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froggg123 has 8 years experience and specializes in FNP.

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  1. froggg123

    Feeling very disheartened...please help!

    Don't worry about looking like you're job hopping. I think this is expected with new careers. My first two years I had 7 jobs and each new interview I went on discussed how much experience I had, and I really did learn a lot from each different job about the different specialties and about myself.
  2. froggg123

    Sunrise Detox Center

    The video is not horrible. It's a great company. I have been employed for less than a year but would do it over in a heart beat!
  3. froggg123

    When to Renew License?

    Dose anyone have any links for CE's or the Organ Donation requirement?
  4. froggg123

    Cover Letters. Neccesary or waste of time?

    I have never written a cover letter and have always had an interview for what I have applied to, I guess it depends on where you live, I have several emails of job announcements daily, I have had great interviews and offers. I guess if you live where jobs are scarce then cover letters can be an advantage for you to get an "in"
  5. froggg123

    Home Assessments

    I did this with a different company, the pay was awesome but was going to low income areas and really did not feel safe at all. I made 100/patient and would have gladly gave 20/pt to a tech to go along with me, would have made me feel a little more secure that nothing was going to happen to me. BUT if you can find out where you would be going and it was a nice area then jump on it!
  6. froggg123

    Anyone work for DermOne?

    I interviewed with them it was a two year contract with big financial loss if you cancel before that (you basically have to pay them back for teaching your derm), the pay was based on how much money you make the company you get a low base pay and then get a certain percent the company makes in your office over 250000 each year. If you are a really hard working and good with sales I bet you can really make a lot.
  7. froggg123

    Anyone work for Matrix Medical Network??

    glassdoor.com usually has good employee reviews, interview tips and salary ranges I would try there for some inside. Very helpful when looking to change jobs, also make sure you review your current job so others can benefit too :-)
  8. froggg123

    Should I get the DNP?

    I was accepted for DNP but still have not really committed myself to it, I think the downside will be when looking for a job perhaps the NP with a DNP might have a leg up on one that doesn't BUT I would have thought that about RN's with BSNs and that doesnt seem to hold true, so who knows
  9. glassdoor.com is also a good site, this even gives you interview hints and what current employees think of the job.
  10. froggg123

    Prescription Pads

    OMG do you know how long I have been looking for something like this, you are super googled! Thank you, sucks to live in NJ but thank you soooooo much for finding this for me!
  11. froggg123

    Prescription Pads

    hmm weird the physician I work with ordered them I wonder if it was something he put on, I'm in NJ but have never seen it before so I am just going to leave it blank and see what happens
  12. froggg123

    Prescription Pads

    So I just received my prescription pads, in the past I only used electronic scripts and/or phoned in scripts. On the prescription there is a blank space for a collaborating physician and their license number, do you only need to fill this out if you utilize the collaborating physician or does it need to be filled out always? Thanks, I wish they taught the little details in school I hate having questions on things that I feel like I should be common sense. THANK YOU for your help!
  13. froggg123

    Just Applied

    OMG I just applied for my DNP, I feel like I am crazy. oh boy hopefully the next two years aren't too painful, honestly I am a little scared.
  14. froggg123

    Just how do we find preceptors?

    When I was in school, I literally sent out over 200 letters each semester, I felt like I was pimping myself out to get a preceptor. I would google NP in whatever speciality I needed and just send letters to EVERYONE the call them, but the best advise is to go in person, it is much harder to say no in person, and ask your school for previous students emails, I will precept for my school and even sent them my information so I can take their students. Just remember that the school needs you to finish and will in the end help you if you cant find anyone, their numbers will look bad if they lose students, they might not have preceptors for every student but if you get stuck they always find you somewhere in the end.
  15. froggg123

    Which review course is the best????

    I know this is an old post but I listented to the Fitzgerald CDs and went to the Kellerman review I LOVED kellerman AND she is 100% refundable if you dont pass so whats the harm right?
  16. froggg123

    What do you think?

    I really want to leave a nice, helpful comment but all I can think is, I HATE you!! just kidding but I would love to have a job where the MD knows what a FNP is and what they are capable of, and in Urgent Care ARGHHHHH On the sort of helpful side though....It would be better if you do know what you want to do or where you want to start to get some experience in that area and make some connections.