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Hello, Has anyone recieved the date(s) for the Nursing Entrance Exam for September 2011? I've been studying all summer and I am very excited to sit for the test; I just hope that i do well. I... Read More

  1. by   SNHRN2B
    Anyone know when letters are being mailed out? The wait is killing me!!
  2. by   Miracle86
    Nope....well hopefully we will be hearing something sometime this is the week before Thanksgiving and aren't Spring classes going to be available for online registration soon?....ahh can't wait to find out the
  3. by   Miracle86
    Letters will be mailed out in 2 weeks. I spoke to the secretary. She said all she could tell me is that we have to have to be in the 50th percentile and above to be accepted into the program
  4. by   SNHRN2B
    So, i guess that means we should give it until the last week of November. I was hoping to know by Thanksgiving. I guess we will just have to be patient.
  5. by   SNHRN2B
    I just hope we get in....
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  6. by   lapoRtaN
    Be patient guys. ECC is SLOW. Very slow. Lol
  7. by   Phoenixbyrd
    Good luck, everyone.
    And thanks for your advice lapoRtaN. I will be seeing the professor we talked about on Thursday. Can't wait to meet her.
  8. by   SNHRN2B

    Essex has begun mailing letters....

    I have not had the opportunity to check my mail yet but folks have started receiving letters.

    Good Luck to all!
  9. by   SNHRN2B
    OMG.....i just want to run home and check the mail but i cannot.

    Has anyone received a letter yet...i am so scared.
  10. by   SNHRN2B

    Hypothetically Speaking, If by chance i do get accepted, what do you think about taking NUR I and Micro together?

    I was told by a counselor not to take them at the same time, but this counselor also told me not to take Bio 121 and Chm 101 at the same time, but i ended up getting an A in both.

    I'm just not sure about the challenges of Nursing classes.
  11. by   SNHRN2B
    Thank you father in heaven!!!!

    I got my acceptance letter!! I am in the program!
  12. by   lapoRtaN
    I did micro separately. But you know yourself better than anyone. Nursing 108 and 233 are really challenging and they are both about 9 credits so that gives you an idea of how much time you need to spend on it. Good luck and CONGRATS!
  13. by   KhiaMarie
    Quote from SNHRN2B
    Thank you father in heaven!!!!

    I got my acceptance letter!! I am in the program!
    Congrats. I just decided to go for the nursing program at ECC. I haven't taken the pre classes yet...I'm still in high school. I hope to take English 101 next semester and the other classes Fall of 12' and then apply for the Fall 13' day program.

    Any advice, tips, or books recommendations? I really want to get it.