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Is anyone else besides me so unlucky to be pounding their head to the wall for the next 2 months or so? I haven't started to get too terribly anxious yet, seeing as how Manchester deadline only just... Read More

  1. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I just got my letter too, I got into Manchester as well! Now I just hope GBCC sends thiers out soon, because I would rather go there....but....I GOT IN!
  2. by   Animal3
    Congrats Niko!!!
  3. by   DevilDog3
    I just received my letter from Manchester today - waitlisted... I am SO disappointed.
  4. by   Animal3
    Hey Devil there is nothing wrong with getting waitlisted!! You still have a shot at a seat. Some of the people that got accepted will end up going to another college, many people apply to multiple programs. Congrats on the waitlist!!
  5. by   Art&Science
    Congratulations everyone!

    DevilDog, I got accepted in both Nashua and Manchester but I've decided on Nashua...so maybe you'll get my seat there! There is still a real possibility that you'll get in
  6. by   icantsurf
    I got in at Manchester. I am psyched.
  7. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Devildog, if I get into GBCC, then I am not taking my spot at Manchester, and several other people do the same as I am. Regardless, waitlisted is acceptance, you should be happy with yourself for that, and take the time to finish up any other classes you may need, or just take fun classes that interest you! Good Luck!
  8. by   CoachIsLove
    congrats to everyone accepted!

    when you applied did you still have any classes left to take?

    i want to apply for fall '10 and would like to take chem this summer, a&p and mirco in the fall '09 and then a&p ii and maybe algebra(not sure if i have to take that or not) in the spring '09...

    can i still get accepted with a class schedule like this?

  9. by   Animal3
    Congrats Icantsurf!
  10. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    For those of us waiting on stratham, we should hopefully hear within the week....the kid at the front desk was sorting through at least the rejection letters, and it looked like at another table, acceptance letters were being sorted through.

    I would recommend getting your A&P I and II done before you apply coach, it gives you that little extra boost that is usually the difference between acceptance, and waitlisted, or complete rejection. But yes, you can still get in, with a schedule like that. Have you taken your NLN yet?
  11. by   CoachIsLove
    thanks for your response niko. i have not taken the nln yet...i'll do that in the fall. maybe i will try to take a&p this summer and then a&p ii in the fall, it's just a matter of trying to fit it all in!

    the sciences are the only things that i need to take (and maybe algebra too, i have to check on that) because i have a ba and a ms in another field.
  12. by   Animal3
    Coachgirl, if you have a BA and MS there are colleges that have a BSN program for people like you who have a bachelors in another field, I think the program is like 16 months for a BSN. Mass school of Pharm in Manchester has one and I think Riv has one as well.
  13. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Yeah, but that is a wicked expensive way of doing it, I looked into it, and its like, 30k a semester, no kidding. I am doing the AS to BS b/c though it may take longer, I will save myself a TON of money in the long run (18k for 3 years as apposed to per semester). So yeah, they do hav the programs, and UNH also has a direct entry master's as long as you have the classes.