Rivier University

  1. Anyone have any experience with this school, good or bad, specifically their Nurse Practitioner program?? Looking into going there for their Psych NP program. Thank you!!

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  3. by   efthimia519
    was wondering if you ever found out anything....did you ever apply and attend? I am looking into this program now, I live in MA
  4. by   nightnurse279
    I just finished up my 2nd year of a three year PMHNP program. Great school. Highly recommended
  5. by   efthimia519
    nightnurse279 I love your yellow lab! I have a yellow and a black one
    anyway, I am glad to hear that you have been happy with the program. I am starting with 2 courses over the summer and officially start the program in the fall. I see that you are doing the 3 year option. I have signed up for 2. am already starting to rethink it. Do you work part time/full time? Look forward to hearing back, thanks
  6. by   nightnurse279
    I work three 12 hour nights. So basically full time. In the fall I am cutting back to two 12's a week. There's too much clinical time I have to do so staying full time isn't really an option. I do know people that did the 2 year track but most of them worked very little- usually less than 20 hours a week. Which classes are you taking this summer? Are you in the psychiatric track for the fall?
  7. by   efthimia519
    Yes I am , I believe that I am taking Advanced Physiology and Evidenced based care. I am giving this careful consideration and may opt for the 3 year as well. I do have to work and have other demands of home and family. I am happy to have found you and thank you for sharing your experience. There does not seem to be much info about this program on this site. Did you / are you doing clinical in MA or NH?
  8. by   nightnurse279
    Clinical in MA. I didn't take either of those courses. Maybe they have a different name? Advanced Psychopharmacology? Advanced Pathophysiology?
  9. by   efthimia519
    Hi there, yes sorry about that advanced pathophysiology , there is no longer an advanced psychopharm, just advanced pharm which worries me because regular pharm is just that, regular pharm. I am guessing that they had integrated psychopharm into psych nursing courses. Not sure though. And the other course is Evidenced based practice in healthcare nsg 602, I believe this has replaced Nursing Theory nsg501. Do you have an adviser assigned to you?
  10. by   Reyval04
    this school is my list for FNP, but the program is pretty long 3-5 years. I really don't want to be in school that long. Has anyone attended or graduated from the masters program? If so, can you please tell me your experience? Would be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   vitiana
    @nightnurse279 please did you started the PMHNP at River with a BSN or ADN ? Is with the BSN -SAVON that takes 3 years please?