Rivier College Nashua- Questions

  1. hey there everyone. The year is winding down and some are gearing up for pinnings and graduation, then the dreaded TEST! I hope everyone is doing well!

    I, instead am adding at least another year to my schedule! I decided to transfer to Rivier to get my BSN. I will be starting in the middle of the professional track program. I was fine, but then I started thinking, what if they have studied things we haven't, or covered more in depth than I have? What should I expect from the instructors and from clinical? What books have you been using? I got a million more and wondering if I will be behind the 8 ball by transferring mid program. How are they as a whole? Any professors more favorable than others? Any to avoid like the plague? How was Micro there? I regret not taking it at the tech. I guess I am afraid the classes will be that much harder and if their expectations are greater I really want to be prepared and not blindsided.

    Anyone out there with any information please please help squash my fears!

    Also, one more question, what color are the uniforms? I have the order sheet, but it only lists item #'s and the description does not include color. And what's that pocket organizer they make you buy?

    Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   arciedee
    I'm not going to Rivier, but I've seen their students at my clinical site, so I can at least answer the uniform question... their uniform is what I'd classify as royal blue (I don't know if they have a fancier color name than that!).

    Just out of curiousity, why are you transferring now rather than completing your current program? Will it be faster this way?

    Good luck with the transition, it sounds very exciting!
  4. by   kukukajoo
    I am hoping to save time. I took extra courses (a lot) while doing all my prereqs and core classes so I am ahead of the game. Still waiting to see the official transfer report. I am almost done with the first year at the tech.

    I was originally enrolled in Riv this year, but deferred my enrollment as I found out I needed two surgeries end of summer and my gram had fallen and broke her foot (still isn't healed!). I am her primary caretaker. I live in Laconia so the commute will be the worst thing, but I can stay down there with friends some nights. Also it looks as if many courses are now online, which will save me the drive. Hoping to schedule blocks of time to minimize how many travel days I will have, but I know that will be hard with so many vying for a decent schedule. I never realized the program was so huge!

    The school I am attending is not nationally accredited and I want to go on to get my Masters, possibly as CRNA.

    I am nervous as all heck.

    Uniform color sounds same as Laconia. Are the pants white or Royal?

    Still trying to finangle the money situation but living on a wing and prayer- I am thinking positive on this one!

    Arciedee, where are you attending?
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  5. by   arciedee
    Ah, that makes sense... might as well transfer. It will probably save you time in the end. I'm surprised that Laconia hasn't sought accreditation yet. Seems like it could hold a lot of people back. Good luck with the transfer report... and with the commute! That is a hike, but nice that you have friends you can stay with. And maybe some of the clinical sites will be a little closer to home (?). I commute about 45 minutes to UNH, but at least right now I only have to go to campus twice a week and my clinical site is only about 10 minutes away!

    On and Riv's pants are also blue.
  6. by   kukukajoo
    I bet having the close clinical site is really nice! I wouldn't mind doing some of mine in MA if it was at Lahey or Boston or some place like that. I know we had a discussion about clinicals, that I may have to take extra hours if they have required more than the tech has. I figure even if I have to repeat a course or two, that I will just know the materials that much better and I tell you the way we fly through so much of it, that 'aint a bad thing!

    The accreditation issue may be about funding, I don't really know. I was told they will be seeking, then told they wouldn't be, and now told again they would be. All I do know is that when they split campuses from Berlin, they ended up with it and not us. It was a huge bummer as I had been awarded the BHPR scholarship and had to turn it down when I deferred Rivier as it could only be used at a nationally accredited school and not at the tech. So I let go of a full ticket scholarship with a stipend to stay local and just praying (A LOT!) that I am awarded it again.

    Don't get me wrong, I am really glad I stayed local- I had my two surgeries Aug 30, then had complications and was back in for a week, missing much of the first two weeks of class. Then a million tests later for rare disorders and trips to Boston almost weekly to see specialsts. All is worked out now, though (thankfully). Plus my gram has mild alzheimers symptoms, broken foot with delayed healing and doesn't drive. My daughters are all driving now so they can help her out when I am away and I am looking into moving her in here or getting her more services at home.

    I need to finish my degree and want this more than anything. Thankfully my kids are mature enough now. For my Masters I may attend SCSU for CRNA through an affiliate but my youngest just told me that this week that's HER college and not mine and I am not 'allowed' to attend with her, lol!
  7. by   arciedee
    It is definitely nice only having to go the short distance for clinicals. Especially since we have to be there around 6:45am! It's funny, though, I was working in Boston before I started school and said, "Never again will I do this commute!" Well, now that I'm thinking about where to do my immersion experience next spring, I'm definitely leaning towards one of the Boston area hospitals. I just can't stay away, I guess!

    I hope that you are able to get that scholarship award. That would be a huge help, I'm sure. But it sounds like starting at the tech in Laconia worked out well for you. I'm really glad that they have a nursing program there now (that's my hometown!), but I hope they do pursue accreditation. Or at the very least sign an articulation agreement w/ UNH like a lot of the other tech schools have been doing (if they even can w/out accreditation).

    Which one is SCSU? Have you looked at University of New England in Biddeford? I know they have a nurse anesthetist program... when I was thinking of going to med school I'd thought of going there. I'm guessing they do a lot of their clinical experiences at Maine Medical Center, which would be pretty cool. That's such a great field to get into. I think it's great that you've got that as a goal. One of my friends is considering going for her CRNA once her kids are older (one's still in the oven, so that'll be a few years, anyway ).
  8. by   2bNursewith7kids
    • I am a current nursing student at Rivier College. I was on the waiting list from March '06 until this spring, so about a year of waiting. Based upon my own experience with Rivier, I know that they have only a certain number of openings for incoming nursing students. I believe there is 100 slots for new incoming students, then there are even fewer openings for transfer, or non-traditional, students like myself. The instructors that I have are wonderful. They are all highly-educated, the quality of instruction is superior in my opinion, and they do not put up with any excuses or nonsense. The professors demand respect from the students and they expect a high level of work out of you. I can appreciate this very much so, because I am paying alot of money for my education. It is very reassuring to know that everyone is expected to carry themselves and do the assigned work. I feel that they are strict, but this certainly helps to weed out the few who are not there to learn.
  9. by   81Bubbles
    Just wanted to let you know that any classes you took @ schools other than Riv you need a solid "B" (an 83% I believe)to transfer the credits as well as you need to maintain an 80 average in all nursing /sciences to stay in the program. They're much stricter on their grades than any of the techs.
    I wouldn't bother with the pocet organizer it's this while nylon thinig to hold your scissors, clams, pen light etc. I find it bulky and don't use mine.
    I'm actually graduating from Riv next month . It's a great school. Hope your grandmother is doing better
  10. by   kukukajoo
    Thanks Tarsha and CONGRATS!!! I won't get that pcoket thingy! I have a high GPA so all my classes are transferring in. I will be repeating one just because I have too many credits, but then I guess I will learn it that much better. Can't decide if I want to repeat Care of the Child or Care of the Childbearing Family.

    Gram is stable for now. Trying to get her in to see the heart doc now as appt was canx d/t the storm.

    Me, I am getting nervous now!
  11. by   DDRN4me
    Quote from tarshamarie123
    Just wanted to let you know that any classes you took @ schools other than Riv you need a solid "B" (an 83% I believe)to transfer the credits as well as you need to maintain an 80 average in all nursing /sciences to stay in the program. They're much stricter on their grades than any of the techs.
    I wouldn't bother with the pocet organizer it's this while nylon thinig to hold your scissors, clams, pen light etc. I find it bulky and don't use mine.
    I'm actually graduating from Riv next month . It's a great school. Hope your grandmother is doing better

    Hi Tarsha, i am also graduating next month... and cant wait!! LOVED the profs at Riv..they are genuinely interested in the students and helping us succeed!
  12. by   kukukajoo
    That is what I love to hear!! Positivity and support goes a LONG way!

    I am so envious of you soon to graduate and wish you the best of careers!! Any specialties chosen yet?

    Did you have a problem with scheduling your classes and getting a seat? Seems like they don't have enough classes to go around and everything conflicts with my nursing schedule! Only way around it is to take one nsg class at night this fall which would leave my days clear- do they let you do this or is it a no-no because of clinical spaces? Getting a headache trying to figure out my schedule. It's worse with me d/t need to take a couple of the 1st year seminars even though I will be starting in 3rd year.Not much flexibility at all.
  13. by   DDRN4me
    I have been a nurse (LPN then RN) for over 25 yrs; so I am continuing in my field. I am currently a nurse manager at a residential facility for kids with behavior and psych issues, and love it.

    I did sometimes have difficulty making the classes fit my lifestyle... but now with a greater online component i dont think that will happen as much. I never had a class where there were no seats; actually i found that many are quite small and you get tons of individual attention.
    I only went evenings and very part time, which is why it has taken me so long!!!
  14. by   81Bubbles
    I already had a Bachelors in another field so all I needed was the nsg classes. I took all of them at night and I loved it. I know many people in my class either have day class and night clinical or night clinical and day class. Maddi Lacey would be a good person to talk to about it. (she's the evening advisor).
    they're really flexible when they can be.