LNA classes in central NH?

  1. I would like to obtain my LNA license, however, I can not find a place in the Tilton/Franklin area that offers the courses, at least not in the near future. Does anyone know of any up-coming classes and costs?
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  3. by   DDSS2000
    Go the the American Red Cross web-site for NH http://www.concord-redcross.org/ . They offer the class at the NH Veteran's Hospital, but you have to go through Concord. I'm taking the course right now. It's very intense, but I am learning quite a bit and know I will benefit from their program. Hope that helps.

  4. by   kukukajoo
    NHCTC Laconia has classes starting Tuesday the 16th and I think the LNA program starts the 17th. www.laconia.nhctc.edu

    Closed Monday but open Tuesday. Plus see earlier post where the state will reimburse you once you begin working.
  5. by   Cardigan2
    check out care med educational services in plymouth nh...

  6. by   dhtazz
    The American Red Cross now offers classes in Franklin, NH.