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New graduate nurse, new job, HELP

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Caveat: This statement is not about Louisiana in particular, in fact it could be made about many hospitals in many communities across the US and the world.  

I'd say just keep in mind that just because a system does something a certain way doesn't necessarily mean it is the best. This can be from small rural hospitals to large academic centers who seem to have an approach of doing this the '[insert large center] way'.

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There have been a lot of threads lately from students/new grads who express fear that accepting the "wrong job" out of school will somehow hinder their future career goals.

Where is this coming from?  Are instructors promoting this particular fear?  No one has ever held against me a previous place of employment.  The longer and more varied (and transferable) the experience, the better.

Students/new grads:  it doesn't matter where your first job is in terms of future employment.  Look for a place that:  1.  Will hire you  2. Will orient you  3.  Will hopefully be supportive and not a toxic environment  4.  Won't require a huge pain of a commute.

Wherever it is you will get valuable experience and learn valuable skills, which can only help you get your next job.

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On 5/15/2019 at 1:39 PM, Wuzzie said:

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