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New Grads, stay positive!!!


I'm like a lot of others here that have been looking forever and graduated over a year ago. Countless job applications and 8 interviews to various facilities but.....

It FINALLY happened!!! I got a JOB!!! :w00t: :w00t:

To all of those that are still looking, your time will come. There is someone out there that will believe in who you are and want you to be part of their team!!! :hug:

congrats, how did you get the job? luck? Did you volunteer?

I've basically spent the past 10 months searching just about every job website imaginable. I had no connections so I really pushed hard everyday. I think going on so many interviews helped just because answering questions and conversing became second nature and I felt more comfortable each time. Since the beginning of this year, i've had more activity and have had people even contact me because I had posted my resume on their sites.

Yes! Definitely, there is a job waiting for you and they need you be part of them.

This is the regulation not only in nursing or medical fields, but all fields.

As we are a living creature, so there is a position for any of us !

There is no chance for us to give up !


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Congratulation MissPinkrnbsn !!!

so are you hired at a hospital ?? Did you have strong references?

I hope my day comes soon.

Good luck

Congrats......very good news... :)))

Julie19, CNA

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How exciting! Congrats! Time to celebrate.


Congrats, and thank you for the positive words. I hope my day will come soon as well :nurse: