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I will be a graduate nurse this May (2005). I am interested in relocating and working in a teaching hospital to enhance my knowledge and experience. I do not have the minumum year experience that I see on every job posting. If anyone knows of a website to check out or a facility to look in to that hires new grads please let me know. Thanks!


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Almost any hospital in California will hire new grads. Just call whatever hospital your interested in. Many hospitals offer new grad preceptorship programs lasting anywhere from 8-20 weeks (depending on the area you want to go into) with precepting and classroom curriculum.

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From personal experience, even if it says minimum experience X required, apply anyway. So many hospitals hire new grads, and not just in advertised "New Grad Positions." I found on an interview that a particular place wasn't really looking to hire a new grad but after they talked to me, they liked me. :) So you just never know.

Good luck. :)

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I would apply anyway. Just about all the hospitals around here in west central Florida will hire a new grad.

Good luck.

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Ditto- Apply anyways. New grads have to start somewhere. And yes, you do have experience....clinical wasn't for nothing! -Andrea

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I agree, use your clinical on your resume as experience. It is appropriate to do so. So there you have experience.

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Hey there,

Are you looking to leave the region? Seattle has two fine teaching hospitals with incredible opportunities. The renowned University of WA Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center, both teaching hospitals connected to the Univ. of WA.

The UW has very sick people and you get to see a wide range of illnesses where 20 doctors stand around scratching their heads wondering "What does he have?"

Harborview is the only Level 1 Trauma center for four states in the NW and you will get incredible experience there too whether you work critical care or standard acute care.

Both hospitals offer great benefits and hire new grads. I've worked at both.

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