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Maybe somebody knows something about this? I finally found a New Grad Program near me and it was a Versant Program! I was excited. I could not believe it because I've been looking for a job since I graduated May 2008, BSN. I applied and was accepted for the first round, but was told that I was probably not eligable because I worked as a new grad in a hospital setting for 4 months (which obviously did not turn out well. I basically failed their unstructured, "You should know everything and act like an experienced RN by now" expectations.

Now, the New Grad Program states I am not eligable because I am no longer a "Novice". Their New Grad Program only accepts Novices. The recruiter totally understood my delimma when I explained that I did not meet my previous employers expectations/requirements for an experienced nurse and now I cannot meet requirements for New Grad program? I was totally bummed to say the least ~ Just when I thought it was fate..I was finally in the right place at the right time. Any experience with this regulation?


Well, it's not a regulation but that hospital's policy.

Good luck. I am lucky enough that my LPN experience is being discounted and I am interviewing for new grad RN positions. The very few I'm seeing.

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i agree with the above ... in my hospital i have met new grads who worked a year some place outside the hospital setting and were trained as novices within my hospital and allowed to participate in the rn residency program. in fact, new grads under 2 years of graduation and limited acute care experience are allowed in the program. sadly, you will need to seek out employment elsewhere... if you have been looking since '08, then maybe you should move? my hospital is not hiring but there might be!


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In las vegas, once you have been out of school for at least 6 months, you are no longer considered a "new grad". No matter if you have worked or not.

I don't think it's grads scramble to get jobs right after graduation, because once the next group graduates, it will already be too late.


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No experience with this but offer my support for you. I don't agree with their policy. As far as I'm concerned, anything less than one year of employment (one or more employers) should allow you to be considered as a new grad. I think they are being unfair to you. Not many people with four months experience would be able to go into a new job and function without assistance. JMO

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Thank you for your opinions/responses. I appreciate them.

My children and I did move for the "job that did not work out", three hours North to a small town. For the very reason that my hundreds of professionally done resumes/applications/foot traffic/talk with managers were not generating results. Also, most of CA's New Grad Programs were being/had been put on hold due to economy.

We recently relocated again to a bigger town and closer to major city(s) and highways. I refuse to move again for my children's sake; twice in one year, from city to major country has been trying. Plus I love it where we are now, no more big city/Bay Area for me.

I did send the Recruiter and email restating my situation and desire for the position. Looking back on the orientation I realized that I was the only one who introduced herself and shook the Recruiter's hand who, by the way, was standing at the door! I also made a comment, when I introduced myself, because I realized she was the recruiter - Hello, she had a name tag on! Another gentleman was standing near the wall when we walked in and I did the same thing with him. I could not believe that nobody else did. I also sat in the front, asked questions, all of that.

This New Grad/Not New Grad is a delimma I did not realize before. It is definitely a part of the nursing problem/shortage in it's own right.


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