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Hi all,

I am a new grad in a city that is pretty over-saturated with nursing programs. Thus, the job market is really competitive. I'm at one of the top schools and they didn't even have a job fair for us, but enough complaining. Would someone mind taking a look at my resume and letting me know if it's just totally wrong or if I'm on the right track? I did have a resume professional at the school look over my resume and tell me it was great, but she does not specialize in nursing; she's a general resume specialist.

I just graduated from an Accelerated BSN program, and 3 students from my class have jobs already (without even passing the NCLEX yet). I'd like to join that pool because right now I feel defeated- like I got myself into debt and did all this hard work only to not be hired anywhere.

I have the resume in .docx and .pdf form (of course I'd remove name and contact info). I would prefer to send it privately if possible (via email of pm). Thanks in advance!


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The edits I've made thus far after searching the forum. What do you think?

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I'm a new grad as well but some other advice on resumes I've gathered through this site would be getting rid of a skills section as a new grad unless you worked as a tech or what not and then also I've read about not having any borders on your resume... I'm not sure if this would apply to yours or not seeing as how it's still pretty simple anyways but just some ideas! good luck!


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Too wordy. You don't need to outline what you did in every rotation of nursing school; they know you went to nursing school and were exposed to different environments. There is no need for a 2 page resume as a new nurse. Condense it and focus on work/volunteer experiences that make you unique. Consider elaborating on personal qualities that will make you stand out if it ends up being too short.


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In the second resume, I have removed all of that. It still came out to 2 pages? Hmm, I will get back to work on it.


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I have two pages as a new grad and have been told my resume looks excellent...honestly there are so many types of resumes out there with all different info included its hard to say what the "standard" is. While you want your resume to be professional, also remember it is a reflection of you, include what you feel is needed to best help sell yourself.


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I think it's visually too busy. The borders/breaks in the page and coloring are distracting. Make it simple and concise! I don't think the skills section is necessary. You're interviewing for a nursing position and you've listed skills that are expected of nurses, not necessarily dynamic. Any volunteer work? What skills did you gain from your internship that will make you a better nurse? Good luck to you in your Job Search!


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Thanks for your reply Elemen!

From my internship, I mainly gained leadership, admin & organizational skills. I listed the skills because the resume specialist I worked with told me to hit keywords* and phrases to make it through the ATS screening bots. This is not my paper resume (just clarifying).

I have years and years of volunteer work, but I have no idea how to incorporate that, and keep my resume short.


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My Name

My Address | My Number | My E-mail


Bachelor of Science: Nursing Expected: Aug. 2014

University XXX - XXXX, XX

Bachelor of Arts: Biological Psychology March 2010

University XXX - XXX, XX

Certificate of Completion: Biopsych August 2009

XXX University - XXX, XXX


Senior Nurse Extern

XXXXXX, XXX, XX Summer 2014

  • On Unit XXX, I cared for up to 4 patients per shift while performing the role of a registered nurse, under the supervision of an RN
  • Applied evidence-based practice to the nursing management of patients with Diabetes Mellitus and other endocrine and genetic disorders
  • Facilitated admissions, discharges, and transfers, documented all care using Epic, and collaborated with a multidisciplinary healthcare team
  • Successfully initiated peripheral IV lines on several patients (adult & pediatric)
  • Cared for patients with TPN and tube feedings
  • Exhibited strong clinical judgment and patient-advocacy skills when a client needed a PICC line placed for Q1H lab draws and had slit/finger prick orders chart. Successfully advocated for change in orders to RN and Attending MD.

Community Health Spring 2014


Psychiatrics Spring 2014


Cardiac Telemetry Fall 2013


Labor & Delivery Fall 2013


Pediatrics Fall 2013


Medical-Surgical Summer 2013

University of XXX, XXX, XX


Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) Expires April 2015


Paid Summer Intern/Office Automation Clerk

xxx - xxxx, xx 2006-2012

  • Promoted to head intern and managed 4 other interns in department
  • Assisted in implementing a new employee transportation reimbursement system
  • Received monetary award upon leaving department

English Instructor

XXXX Institute - XX, XXX 2010 - 2012

  • Facilitated English instruction for several youth of all ages
  • Successfully utilized time management skills to effectively incorporate all parts of lesson plans
  • Ranked, by management, among the top 5 instructors at my branch of 16 teachers, 4 times.

SKILLS (these are actually formatted into 3 columns)

  • Leadership
  • Multitasking
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Customer service
  • WPM: 72
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PowerPoint

Community Involvement

Bethany House, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2008-Present)

Journey to Liberty Non-profit Organization, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2014-Present)

Cincinnati Public High Schools, XXX, XX: ACT/SAT Tutor (2013-2014)

Yongsan Hospital, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2012)

Angel House Orphanage, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2011-2012)

Drop-In Center, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2008-2009)

Lincoln Memorial Learning Center, XXX, XX: Volunteer/Tutor (2007)

Twin Towers Nursing Home, XXX, XX: Volunteer (2006-2007)

Ladies of Virtue, XXX, XX: Mentor/Volunteer (2002-2006)

Professional Memberships

National Student Nurses Association, 2014-Present

American Nurses Association, 2014-Present

I also currently have an MSN-FNP in progress but plan to include that after I pass my boards. My resume is crowded as it is. From what I've read, I may want to be more concerned with cutting this down for my paper resume, but for an electronic resume going through an ATS system, 2 pages is fine.

Please let me know what you think about these new edits. Thanks.