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  1. Proper Documentation

    For the love of Florence, please tell me you don't work in neuro. STAT head CT's for everybody!
  2. What are you most vigilant about?

    Awesome question! I feel like I have a lot! My biggest one is probably making sure DNR/DNI orders are active, signed within the correct time frame and by the appropriate people. My others mainly have to do with respiratory emergencies. I'm anal about...
  3. New Grad Seeking Resume Advice

    I think it's visually too busy. The borders/breaks in the page and coloring are distracting. Make it simple and concise! I don't think the skills section is necessary. You're interviewing for a nursing position and you've listed skills that are expec...
  4. My charge nurse goofed

    I'm kind of confused. Is this the standard NGT or the keofeed tube? Either way, I only ever use the "gastric" lumen that you described. We usually even connect a stop-cock to that for easier access. I use that lumen to suction back and check residual...
  5. Waiting to Travel?

    As a three year travel RN, I can say that each assignment is still daunting at the beginning and has plenty of I'm-out-of-my-element moments. At one point during nearly every assignment I have felt very alone and as far away from home as can be. Gett...
  6. 1) ADN-BSN or 2) Work?

    Absolutely take the job! Like others have said, completing an online RN to BSN program is VERY do-able while working full-time. That is the point of online school, it's flexible to fit your schedule/lifestyle! If you're worried about tackling both at...
  7. What reality show do you follow?

    I lose years of my life to all of "The Real Housewives" shows. Guilty as charged. I also love crime shows like 48 Hours Murder Mystery and Dateline on ID!
  8. Do you like where you work?

    I don't really think that there is any "perfect" unit. In my experience as a staff nurse for two years and a traveler for three years, every unit has pros and cons. Management really has a direct hand in unit morale. Do you have any nurse friends who...
  9. Can nursing school earn you a CNA?

    I'm not sure what state you're in, but in Maryland you can apply for your CNA license after you pass the first semester of fundamentals (RN program anyway). No exam required. That was at least the case back in 2008. Your BON website should be able to...
  10. Nasty nurses

    I could not disagree with this mindset more. You can't respect someone you don't know? Do you apply that principle to your patients as well? You're saying that everyone has to work really hard to earn your respect just because they have less experien...
  11. ANgina or anGIna?

  12. Vent: suspended for not charting on time

    What kind of staff meeting lasts from 8am until 9:45am?? There couldn't possibly be a worse time to schedule a meeting. At my hospital when you call any unit between the hours of 7am and 10am (or 7pm and 10pm), an automated voice messaging system com...
  13. For someone who isn't a nurse who's calling themselves a nurse to come to a forum to ask for advice from nurses, I think you should be less defensive. He/she drew a conclusion from what you stated. If it was misinterpreted, then you should help us un...
  14. Scrub the Hub

    How are there no sterile caps? That's crazy! Honestly, I have no idea what's better. You could use the cap of the sterile saline flush if you don't compromise its sterility? I do that sometimes... And can we all just collectively cringe for the patie...
  15. Scrub the Hub

    I agree... it's engrained in my habits, too. I can't stand it when people connect the tubing back onto itself instead of using a sterile cap either. However, in an emergent situation like the poster stated, I'm definitely going to push the epi and no...