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New Grad RPN- losing hope

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Hello! I'm a new grad RPN, I just registered with the CNO last month.

I'm losing hope because I have no working experience as a nurse and I've been rejected from every place I applied to. I can't seem to get a call back from anywhere. I spoke to a friend who is also an RPN and she told me that its very competitive out there. She didn't find a job for months after graduating. 

As a mom with 3 little kids, I won't be able to afford daycare much longer without a job.

Does anyone have any advice? Where should I start? What places will hire a new grad RPN?

I want to work in a hospital setting but I know now that its...impossible. 


Any advice is appreciated!

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The market is quite competitive at the moment. I didn't get an interview until 3 months after I got my license for RN. You just got to hang in there, keep applying and continuously adjust your cover letter/resume. Have you looked at the HFO website for job posting? I know that they don't have many RPN posting but it is still another resource. If you liked your consolidation placement and if your preceptor liked you, you can try asking them if they can ask the manager for a job opportunity. You can also Google when they have job conventions.

It also depends on the timing, at certain time in the year, there will be mass posting of jobs and other times none.  

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It’s not impossible to get a job in a hospital. Why do you think that? It hasn’t been that long. Just keep applying to everything and something will come along. What part of Ontario are you in?

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