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  1. kim1l

    RPN to RN bridging (UOIT)

    @Khow89 I just have 2 questions. Since UOIT goes through the summer, the approx $6000 tuition that you pay in September, does it cover fall, winter and summer semester? Or just fall and winter and you pay again for the summer? Also approximately how many clinical hours are to be completed each summer? Thank you!
  2. kim1l

    Best GTA/Ontario RPN Program?

    Check out Centennial College at Morningside & Ellesmere.
  3. kim1l

    Options for Bridging

    Athabasca U might be your best best with that GPA. My friend was in a similar situation and got in Athabasca.
  4. kim1l

    Centennial and Ryerson RPN-RN bridge

    If you’re looking to start in Fall 2020 and you’re in your final semester right now, you can apply now. If you start your final semester in Jan, then apply in January.
  5. kim1l

    Started pre-health science(ontario)

    I got tutoring at school in order to do well in Pre-Health.
  6. I’ll be applying as well but just as a back up.
  7. Anyone applying to any RPN-RN bridging programs for Fall 2020? I applied to Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT). I’m thinking of applying to George Brown/Trent, Conestoga/McMaster and Mohawk/McMaster as backups but I really want UOIT.
  8. I'm going to do 1 year first and see how I feel about doing the bridging. I don't have a timetable yet as I just finished PreHealth at Centennial last week and now waiting for them to see the final grades and lift the hold.
  9. Oh no! Yes I'm going tomorrow. Do you already have a timetable?
  10. Good luck to you as well! Are you going to orientation?
  11. kim1l

    Centennial College Flex RPN Winter 2018

    The bridging information session is 9am-12pm in room 203
  12. kim1l

    Centennial College Flex RPN Winter 2018

    What is your schedule like? What time is your latest lecture and how many days a week?
  13. kim1l

    Centennial College Flex RPN Winter 2018

    I'll be attending orientation next Wednesday but I'm in the regular RPN program.
  14. Hi, I'm starting Practical Nursing Full Time at Centennial College on January 22, 2018. Just wondering if any past/current students who took the full time course load have any advice?!? It will be very appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!