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  1. kim1l

    Bridging Application Timeline

    It would probably help if you say what province you’re in.
  2. kim1l

    Bridging BScN at York

    There is no bridging program at York.
  3. kim1l

    RPN Bridging to Uni - Centennial/Ryerson

    I think because Centennial has clinical in the first semester (full time program map) it affects them a bit more. Other bridging programs like UOIT does not have clinical in the first semester so they moved their classes online and are proceeding with the Sept 2020 start date without any issues.
  4. kim1l

    Centennial College Flex RPN Winter 2018

    Fourth semester, the final semester (6th semester in Flex) is consolidation (pre-grad clinical) so that cannot be broken up into 2 semesters. Therefore 3rd semester (5th semester in Flex) also isn’t broken up. Yeah the website doesn’t make it clear but basically full time students take approx 5-7 classes per semester while Flex takes approx 3-4. That’s all it is. It’s meant to be Flex(ible) so less course work if that’s your preference or if that’s what your lifestyle calls for. I’ll give an example of when I took the program full time. January-April semester 1 (full time)-5-7classes January-April semester 1A (flex)-3-4classes May-August (full time)-no school May-August semester 1B (flex)-the remaining classes you didn’t take from January-April
  5. kim1l

    I didn't get into bridging, now what?

    You cannot find a RPN job? There’s crazy jobs right now with this pandemic happening. Most RPNs are also limited to working at only one facility to limit the spread of covid so lots of openings are available.
  6. kim1l

    Bridging start dates

    Centennial is still open for September applications. I checked on OCAS.
  7. kim1l

    Bridging start dates

    You can apply to Centennial/Ryerson bridging for September and receive a conditional offer.
  8. 4.0 on a 4.5 scale from Centennial College.
  9. I got an offer of admission to Ontario Tech. Good luck to everyone.
  10. kim1l


    @Cgir What's your reason for wanting to see their failing report?
  11. Mine is 4.0 on a 4.5 scale (Centennial College). Thank you so much for emailing, I feel a little better.
  12. I’m in the same boat. Mine says ‘Under Review’ now. Hopefully we hear by the end of the day.
  13. kim1l

    Waiting for CPNRE results Jan/Feb 2020

    I passed!!! I took it Feb 12 in Ontario.
  14. Which province and which school?
  15. For those who applied to Ontario Tech, the decision date for bridging is this Friday. Fingers crossed for everyone who applied.
  16. kim1l

    S122 fall 2020

    S122 is George Brown bridging correct? There’s a thread for it, maybe ask there.

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