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I just created a membership with this site; however, I am very familiar with this site, since it helped me pass my boards. Now I am a graduate RN from New Jersey, (I moved to Boston for my husband's job), and I have a valid MA RN license, yet I still do not have a job. I have been seeking a job for 4 months in Boston, and I am losing hope. My graduating class all attained RN jobs in New Jersey, and I am the only one unemployed. I have a Master's in Biomedical Sciences, and have 5 years of cancer research under my belt, which I thought for sure, would help me land a nursing job. So I am reaching out to all Boston nurses . . . for some answers to my questions! First, is getting a job in Boston just not possible for me, since I received my BSN from New Jersey. Second, I am really coveting a position at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for a clinical entry hematology/oncology nurse, and my app is still under review, does that mean I will get an interview? Third, does Beth Israel make you fill out a pre-hiring personality assessment?? Overall, I really want to work at BIDMC, especially as an Oncology nurse because I would love to be a Research Nurse later in life. I am so sorry this thread is so long, but I just need help. I appreciate anyone who will respond. Thanks again.


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Welcome to Boston and don't give up!

The best way to get a job is to know someone. If you don't have any connections, there is another way. After you have decided which floor you might like to work on, call and find out the nurse managers name. I would first find out if they are presently hiring new nurses on the floor. Then pop on the floor (11amish is a good time)and find out where her office is. If she is not in the middle of something, ask her if you might have a minute of her time. Briefly tell her that you are interested in a position on that floor. You can give her your resume then. You can also tell her that you have been in contact with HR. I have done this in the past and it has worked. Just do your research! Good luck.

I know a new grad who just got hired at New England Sinai Hospital in Stoughton.

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Hi New Grad! Congrats on passing boards!! I may not be the best person to help (since I'm still a BSN student) but here's what I know about the Boston job market. It's hard for any new grad, but luckily you have your BSN. Unfortunately there are tons of nursing programs so the market is saturated with new grads. Do you have any friends, friends of friends, etc (even people your family knows of) who can network for you? Networking is probably the best way to go, but it sounds like you have a lead on BIDMC. I was offered a job there two years ago and I was never asked to do any personality assessment. I don't remember filling out any questionnaires actually. Honestly, I would volunteer to see if you can make any connections. Google Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, Boston Medical Reserve Corps. I know both are looking for new volunteers. If you're willing to drive outside the city, give Steward Health Care (formerly called Caritas Christi) a try. I saw several RN openings with just "experience preferred" listed, so at least it's not required in order to apply. Definitely not oncology/longwood area, but still a great start for a new grad. Best of luck to you! Hopefully some current BI nurses will post for you :D

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I moved out of Boston when I graduated... :-(

A good friend of mine graduated last year but has worked as a tech at the Brigham for 4 years, she only just got hired there a few weeks ago, Boston has a tough market for new grads, there were many people from my nursing class who did not get jobs because they wanted to stay in MA.

Keep looking, hope you find something!

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Welcome to Boston! :( unfortunately the market is REALLY tight! I know of people who have been looking for almost a year for new grads....if not longer many hospitlas I have encountered have made it very clear......internet applications only so I wouold be careful of "showing up". I have also found that although jobs are posted the is very little hiring occuring and some "local hositals: inside 128 have actually laid off although nothing has "shown on the news". I would also try hospitals associated with the downtown hospitals like Beverly is associated with childrens/BID medical center. Salem is associated with the General and so on.....also lahey for a start and go from there.

But the market is tight.....


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Things are terribly tight in the Boston job market for nurses. I just left BIDMC after 9 months (child care issue) I did not have to take a personality assessment at BIDMC, but I did during an interview at the Brigham. If you are considered for employment at BIDMC, they send you an email and then you forward it to your references. The references then respond to some specific questions and send it back to BIDMC. I would contact the nurse manager and let them know how interested you are in working for them. If you have concerns about just showing up to speak with them, you could just show up and leave a note and a resume with the unit receptionist for them. I would also follow up with HR. Good luck!


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Thank you so much for responding. I am so happy you advised me to contact a nurse manager, which I will definitely do. I just feel so disappointed since all of my peers in New Jersey have nursing jobs. My resume has been under review for certain positions at BIDMC for over a month. I will defintely take your advice, and once again I really appreciate your feedback.