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New Grad RN Jobs In Michigan


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Anyone else noticing few full-time opportunities for new grads in Michigan?

I am beginning to think we do NOT have a nursing shortage in Michigan..

nrsang97, BSN, RN

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I know Beaumont and Oakwood are on hiring freezes. I work for Henry Ford, not sure how many new grad/nurse interns they are hiring.

U of M is also on a hiring freeze. & you're right- not many jobs were posted, but they were talked up at job fairs.

I think that some nurses that are already working are transitioning from contingent or PT to FT in order to get benefits - especially in this economy. Maybe that explains the lack of FT jobs available. I think the month of December isn't a good one for job-seekers. End-of-the-(calendar) year financial statements have to be evaluated before hospitals can tell whether they can afford to hire more staff. Also- if you think about it, the holidays are a bad time to hire new people. When can you schedule orientation? Do people take more time off during this time? How can you schedule a preceptor? etc.

As usual, though- just my :twocents:



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Welcome to the current state of our economy. I have many friends who work at Beaumont, they are cutting CTO time, OT and laying off people aside from having a hiring freeze. Now is not the time to be too picky if you are in serious need of finding a job. There are other hospitals such as St. Joesph Mercy, Crittenton, St. Marys, DMC, HF, Garden City. Some may not be your first choice but if you really need a job, you've got to do what you've got to do.

You wouldn't think graduate nurses would be in low demand by any means. There is definitely a shortage in nursing but as others stated the present state of our economy really has things on hold! Hopefully our government will start getting it together soon because what is happening is going to affect everyone, even us nurses :)

In fact, I have a good friend who is graduating next week and has been working at Henry Ford for almost a year now with the intent of being hired in as a GN. They praise her for her work ethic and don't want to lose her but won't offer her a transitional position due to possible budget cuts.

I'm sure it's all discouraging but there is something out there for you. Just keeping searching and you'll land what you want.

I know that Good Samaritan and Bethesda hospitals in Ohio have plenty of opening and their benefits are great. They just expanded and Ohio is not too far.

Opportunities in west or southwest MI?


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Opportunities in west or southwest MI?

Southwest Michigan...

Thank you :)


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If you can wait until spring or summer, try that. There's ALWAYS a slowdown in patient flow between Thanksgiving and New Years, which makes things doubly hard in the current economic climate. FWIW, look specifically at hospitals connected to universities. They tend to be larger and have a more stable patient base.

Mike in Michigan


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Henry Ford's has a freeze right now, too.


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I think its mostly because of the holidays. There always seems to be a freeze around this time. My friend just had an interview a week ago but still hasn't heard. There might be freezes in some areas as opposed to others.

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