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NurseInTheD has 5 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. NurseInTheD

    St. John Hospital Detroit?

    I have an upcoming interview at St. John Hospital in Detroit - I'm very excited about the opportunity, but would like to hear any input (good and bad) from nurses that currently work there. I'm currently working (as a staff RN) for one of the other "big" health systems and was wondering how the pay/benefits are at St. John as well. Thanks!
  2. NurseInTheD

    Transition from Student to RN

    I disagree - my transition (over a year ago) went very smoothly! Don't be afraid to ask questions, find a hospital with a good preceptor program for new grads, and if you can find an experienced nurse mentor, that's a huge plus. Good luck to you!
  3. NurseInTheD

    Toxic Healthcare Personalities

    The nurse that stops working ten hours into her 12-hour shift - and you have to follow her, and it takes the first hour of your shift (at least) to clean up her mess.
  4. NurseInTheD

    help with daignosis

    Some ideas... Risk for injury (r/t seizure activity) Risk for cardiac dysrhythmia (r/t myocardial irritability secondary to hypocalcemia)
  5. NurseInTheD

    The Challenges of Nursing School

    I am a pediatric nurse, and I would be proud to have you as a colleague.
  6. NurseInTheD

    So now I wait (those naughty SATA)

    Hang in there... I stopped at 76, no med calc, more than a few SATA (I didn't count! haha), and I passed. Methinks you'll be just fine... when do you find out your results?
  7. NurseInTheD

    Doin' the happy dance for joy!

    Thank you! :-)
  8. NurseInTheD

    Scared Silly! Help!!

    I agree completely with this! In regard to your question: Does anyone find doing the book's quizzes (in the book or on their website) to be helpful in studying? Answer: Absolutely. Forget listening to taped lectures... it's bad enough to sit through it once, and trying to find time to listen to them will only add to your pile o' stuff to do. Read your textbooks, stay caught up w/the reading, and yes yes yes do the practice quizzes/CD material, it does help. Also, invest in a good NCLEX book (no, it's not too early), I used Prentice-Hall's Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN as an adjunct study guide, and it was immensely helpful. You can - and you WILL - get thru this! Baby steps and organization are the key. Take it one week at a time, because like others have said, looking at the whole tamale' will scare the beejeezus out of you, and you'll be frozen like a deer in the headlights... PM me if you ever need an ear to bend..
  9. NurseInTheD

    Hijacking The Class

    One of those in every class... ack.
  10. NurseInTheD

    Any one worried about the HESI exit exam?

    I didn't study for it... I actually forgot about it until the day before the test (oops), so I did some NCLEX practice CDs the night before, took it and got an 1100... I thought it was easy/basic, stuff that everyone should really know by the end of the nursing program. You'll do fine, don't stress about it...!
  11. NurseInTheD

    My time is here

    ps: About your username - you are taunting those less fortunate souls who have to live in the frozen tundra of the Northeast, with me being one of those souls... haha :wink2:
  12. NurseInTheD

    My time is here

    Don't reschedule - I did, because I felt as you are feeling right now - and in hindsight, I would have been just as prepared on the original date (which was about 2 weeks earlier). Sounds like you'll do fine! And I loved your comment about walking the dog
  13. NurseInTheD

    no pharm and no math question on nclex-pn????????/

    Nope - I passed at 76, no med calc, and maybe 2 or 3 medication questions. I'll be a parrot: Know your delegation/prioritization inside and out; infection control seems to be a biggie as well, from my own experience and from what I've been hearing from others. I'd tell you to relax, but you can't... I know, I couldn't either... but try to, anyway... :heartbeat
  14. NurseInTheD

    Can you see your results on Saturday and Sunday?

    Oop, sorry, my bad... I see that you haven't taken it yet. So yes, if you take it on a Friday morning, you'll have your results by Sunday, as I did. Good luck (again)!
  15. NurseInTheD

    Can you see your results on Saturday and Sunday?

    Hey, I'm in Michigan, and I took it Friday... and got my (good!!) results today! I was wondering the same thing, but I went to the Pearson website, paid my money, and got 'em! The State gets the results after Pearson sends them, so you won't see anything on the Mich gov't website. When did you take it? Good luck!!
  16. NurseInTheD

    Doin' the happy dance for joy!

    I passed!! (My OP here) The last 48hrs have been the longest, ever... My heart was in my throat as I typed in my credit card info to get the online quick results... Hit "enter"... Didn't want to look! But I did, of course... and I saw that one beautiful word: "Passed"... and I laughed and I cried... whew! In a recent thread, someone suggested to stay away from these boards while waiting, or think of other things... that's impossible, I couldn't think of anything else, and coming here and reading the messages showed me that I wasn't alone... and you guys alone could understand what it's like... :heartbeat that meant - means - a lot. k, enough mush... My test shut off at 76 questions... When I walked out of there, I had no idea as to whether I passed or failed. It wasn't for lack of studying; the questions are tough, and they really draw from your critical thinking skills, which is the whole point - an RN must be able to think things through, quickly, and under pressure. Kind of like the NCLEX! Anyway, I felt like I had guessed on most of the questions... and even weirder than that, afterward, I couldn't remember a single question in detail... like I had some kind of amnesia/fog about the actual time I was in front of that computer taking the exam, like it was surreal. If that makes any sense... I do remember that the test was heavy on prioritization and infection control, and I had about five sata questions (which I hate w/a passion), and no med calculations. For studying, I had a few different NCLEX books w/CDs. The best, and most comprehensive one - hands down - is the "Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN" from Prentice Hall Nursing. It's even great to use as a study tool during nursing school (which is what I did) because it outlines everything you'll be learning in school. And the CD has 4,000 practice questions - the CD is the best of the others that I've tried out/used. For quick review/reinforcement and good test-taking tips, I liked the "NCLEX-RN Review" by Marlene Hurst. This book condenses the "basic, what you need to know" info into a book that is actually smaller than the NY yellow pages... There's a whole section of helpful charts (like lab values, etc), and the pharmacology chapter was very helpful, I thought. She also goes into "how" to answer NCLEX questions... what they're looking for, etc.. I found some of her tips in there to be useful as well. The CD was mediocre, less than 200 questions, and her recorded "coaching"... I'm sorry, but I didn't last 10 seconds with her voice (no offense to the southern belles out there... a southern accent is usually nice to listen to, but hers is waaay over the top!). Study prioritization/delegation!! I can't emphasize this enough. You will be hammered with "which patient would you see first?", or "what is your priority action?", or "what patient is most appropriate to assign to an LPN?" questions, and it wasn't just me - my classmates who have recently sat for NCLEX have said the same thing. The best book for studying that aspect is "Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for Medical-Surgical Nursing" by LaCharity, et al. I struggled with this area during school, so I knew that it was something I needed to really focus on when prepping for NCLEX, and I'm glad that I did, because it definitely helped me that day. I wouldn't have known of the book's existence had it not been a required text during my last semester of school, so I'm glad that it was required. Anyway... that's all... just wanted to share my good news, and hopefully help those of you who are studying, or waiting for your results... don't give up, and believe in yourself! :heartbeat Laura (RN!)