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New Grad Rn Interview


So, I have spent months since graduating trying to get in to a hospital. I have been on two interviews and have not received an offer. I started getting creative and applying to school nurse positions. I have had two interviews with a third coming up, all scheduled within a week of applying. I think because I worked in a school as a teaching assistant and coach, that is why they are calling me. Any tips for my upcoming interview at a public school? The other two were private schools and very easy interviews.

I realize hospital experience is ideal for a new grad, but it just isn't happening for me. If I begin my career as a school nurse, will it be impossible to transition to a hospital down the road?


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I do not think it will be impossible for you to transition down the road, to an employer you may be looked at as a new grad in the sense of experience, but if you switch down the road you will be trained! Just my opinion. Goodluck!

Nurse ABC

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Depends on the area you live in. Around here I never had trouble returning to the hospital after years of school nurse experience-they trained me like I was a new grad. Some parts of the country I've heard it is hard because they have all these new grad nurses that recently interned in their hospital they hire first since school nursing experience isn't hospital experience and they'd have to train you like a new grad anyway. If you aren't getting hired in any hospitals anyway and like the thoughts of school nursing then you may as well try it!


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Here in my area if you are a school nurse you may as well hang up the idea of doing anything other then schools or LTC. The big box places like nurses that have not worked in schools. I was told by one if them that school nurses don't know how to do anything and have never really work as a nurse. HA that's what they think. So just be careful. If you hit a wall like that then you may want to move from school to LTC to hospitals. You will just need to back door everything. But it CAN be done. It just takes a bit longer. School nursing is great. I love it and never thought that I would. I started because I could not find a job other then the school as a new grad. Good luck.

coughdrop.2.go, BSN, RN

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It depends. I have a friend who works in a hospital and she told me the New Grad Program she started in took experienced nurses from public health, SNFs, etc. with no acute experience. Does hurt to ask around. But in my State, a program like that is a dime a dozen. Actually, more like a needle in a haystack.