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new grad registered nurse starting two jobs I

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Hi Guys

I graduated from nursing school two months ago and I have accepted two job offers.one is in a long term skilled nursing home and the other is in a hospital. both are per diem but i'm hoping to get a full time position at the hospital and remain per diem at the nursing home. Only issue is the fact that I am a brand new nurse and I dont know if it will be wise to start two new Nursing Jobs. I have a month orientation at the nursing home and then the following month I start at the hospital. I'm looking for advice and insight on what I should do.


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The fact that they're offering you one month orientation at the NH is a GIFT. That would be difficult to pass up for many.

I did something similar, I have a FT job at a hospital in the ICU and a prn job with a pedi HHA. I actually haven't been able to work much or take a case for the HHA because of orientation and the internship at the hospital. But I'm hoping once I get done with the internship and my schedules normalizes a little bit I can pick up a case or two depending on my availability.

If you can get through RN school you can prob do two jobs, depending on how many hours per week i would think