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How long should a new grad wait before asking for day shift especially in this market???:confused:

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I don't think you should NOT ask...

Always ask.

I just wouldn't expect it to happen...but that would be never hurts to ask...


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Ask right away. When my hospital offered me a job in postpartum, I let them know I was really interested in Pediatrics. And guess what? I got the job in Pedi. They don't know what you want unless you ask. If it's not available, they'll let you know that and they will know for later when there is an opening! :)


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Some facilities don't give straight day shifts. The two places I have worked give you either day/night or day/evening schedules. But if the facility you work for offers straight days, go ahead and ask. Maybe they can put you on a list of people that want days and you will get it when it comes to you.

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I agree, go ahead and make your preference known, just make sure your employer knows it's a preference and not a deal-breaker for you (especially if you're still looking for a job, you didn't specify in your post).


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Go ahead and ask, it won't hurt. We have a request list for day shift that goes by seniority. It mostly depends on how your manager/facility handles it. You could also volunteer to do tracers, chart audits, comittee meetings, etc. if you want to work some day shifts. Good luck!


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I have been hired but it is for night shift soooo thats what I will be doing but I have a BFing 6.5 infant and I am wondering how this is gonna work with my sleeping, his eating and everything else in between...


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we were told when we were hired that you had to work the 3p-3a shift for a year before you could request a shift change. Depending on what shift you wanted to change to, it could take another 2 months to a year or more to get moved.