New grad prn Vs fulltime

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I will be new grad soon, I have already been working as CNA at ltac which I love. I'm already working PRN. AS a new grad is it best to go full time or stay PRN. I have 4 kids and I love setting my own days around them. Other then possibility of being called off what are the pros and cons from the nursing stand point. Thanks

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Is this your decision? Due to the fact that an effective transition from student to practicing nurse requires a certain amount of actual time spent working, most organizations will require a 'full time' commitment during this time period. Otherwise, your orientation would have to be extended. Working as a CNA does add value to the process; you're probably a lot more comfortable with the organizational basics and routines... but it does not prepare you for an RN role. You'll still have to achieve all of the RN orientation goals.

As far as dealing with the uncertainties of PRN status - that depends on your own circumstances. You're already familiar with the downsides of PRN.


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Lots of facilities simply won't hire new grads as prn, and, IMO, the ones that will aren't doing the new grads any favor and have questionable standards.