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New Grad in Orange County



I'd like some advice about what hospitals are good to work at in Orange County (preferrably Anaheim and Irvine).

Your opinions/suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.


New Grad RN

There are probably others but UC Irvine and Hoag have very good reputations. I know nurses who work at both and really like it. PM me if you want. I'm working many nights until after the weekend but by Wednesday should be able to answer.

From Southern Cal worked many different places the in the early 80s up until 1988 when moved to Colorado. Hoag, Un Irvine, SouthCoast Medical Center. Actually met my wife out there working as a Nurse.

PM me if want more information

teeituptom, BSN, RN

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I loved Hoag, course that was about 30 yrs ago also.

I have only worked at one hospital but my friend has worked at many- she says Fountain Valley is the pits, Tustin Hospital is unsafe, and she just got a job at Kaiser and the money is really good. However, it's 8 hour shifts ( I personally love the 12)

and my other friend says Kaiser works you pretty hard.

I think it depends on what you want to do. St. Josephs is a nice hospital but I hear they pay lousy, and Hoag is going to definately start you on nights where you might be for awhile as there is a waiting list on most units for a day shift.

If you don't want to work nights try a surgery center-great hours and great pay, although some people are afraid they'll lose many of their skills because its so limited in what you do clinically.

(Like, some surgery center RN's don't even start the IV's, the anesthesiologist does).

Good Luck!:)


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hi, why do you think Tustin us unsafe?

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