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Hi all! I graduated with a second degree BSN in May. I was in MD, but made a move to FL two weeks ago to live near my brother and because I needed a change of scenery. I received my MD RN compact license a month ago.

I applied for my FL license on July 30 and just found out that it will take another 6 weeks (!!!!) before it's processed. Which pretty much makes me dead in the water. I've applied for a few new grad nurse residency positions around the state and those applications are under review. I don't want to bother applying to any other jobs just yet because they all specify you need your FL license.

So frustrating. Like everyone, I'm having a hard time finding a job (and there's nursing shortage blah blah blah). That's fine, I'm patient and I did know ahead of time that it might take awhile. My worry is that my skills are fading while I wait. I've signed up for PALS and ACLS classes, which I'll do at the end of the month. Beyond that, I have no idea what to do with my time while I wait and wait (other than reviewing my notes and textbooks).

I'm hoping the lovely nurses of might be able to offer some suggestions! Anything that might pad my resume would be especially useful!


Volunteer somewhere medial related - even if it's just minding the reception desk at the local hospital, it might get your foot in the door. Volunteering looks good on a resume and it will help you make new contacts in the field. Be sure that when you do interviews that if someone asks what you are doing with your time that you mention that you are working on the PALS and ACLS certs too. has some interesting medical related free classes online from top universities you can take. And even if they have already closed, you can still see all videos and learn. If you catch a class starting, you do get a certificate from most classes if you pass, although you cannot get credits for class, you do learn stuff. I love them.

Unesdala, your not alone I am on the same boat like you:( and i think that will be a good idea to just use up time volunteering on some hospitals

Thanks for the suggestions. I put in an application to volunteer for the Child Life team at the local Children's Hospital, and filled out another for Red Cross Medical Services. Checking out Coursera now.


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Me too, same boat here. I am applying to volunteer at Vitas for hospice care. Though I have volunteered feeding the homeless at Sisters of Calcutta here in South Florida, I think putting in my resume Vitas would be great.

I just go ACLS certified, and I am taking pre-requisites to hopefully start my BSN in the Spring, but I too, am afraid to lose what I learned in nursing school.

To Elrup, thank you for posting the website, I have yet to visit, I definitely will. If I was not unemployed I would shell to take an IV course here, but on well.

Good luck.

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