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New Grad Nurse applying for jobs in CO

by lorraine86 lorraine86 (New) New

I graduated with my BSN last May and sat for my NCLEX in Georgia. Now, we just found out my husband is being transferred to Colorado (we aren't sure which part yet), and I am looking for a good place to start my nursing career. I am applying to the UCHealth graduate nurse residency programs for the MCR/PVH and Colorado Springs locations. Does anyone have any experience with those residency programs or hospitals?

Any general advice about where to work or which places will accept new grads in CO would be most welcome!

Also, any idea how long it will take to obtain a license by endorsement? I know the Georgia Board of Nursing can take its time doing things.

Thank You!

hope3456, ASN, RN

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Great hospitals - intensely competitive to get into their new grad programs.

klone, MSN, RN

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New grad programs generally start in July and Jan/February, so you will be in time for the December application process. Other hospitals to look into would be Denver Health and Children's, who also have extensive new grad programs. I would also look into Exempla, Centura and HealthOne networks, they all have several hospitals in the area and probably have new grad programs as well.

Good luck!

If you are going to be in the Colorado Springs area, look at Parkview in Pueblo. They hire new grads.

UCHealth is really hard to get into. The last two cohorts came from ONLY nurses who had been CNAs at their hospital throughout school. Denver Health has a new grad program as well, but again I think that they only look at internal applicants. Centura is impossible - fill out an online application and it immediately is marked "not under consideration' the second you hit submit if you don't have a year experience.... Exempla and HCA (healthone) seem to ignore online applications but St. Jo's (Exempla) and Swedish (Healthone) hire new grads who walk in and manage to find an NM to impress. As for other HCA hospitals, Rose hires new grads to med onc, Dever Pres will only look at your resume if they specify new grad in the job posting, and the Medical Center of Aurora is iffy-ICU seems to hire new grads at that facility. Almost 20 of my classmates (myself included) got hired by walking in and finding an NM at Swedish and St. Jo's. That is pretty much the story in the Denver Metro area.

I have heard that Colo Springs, Fort Collins, Alamosa, Louisville and a few other places are new grad friendly, and I have some friends that live in the Fort Collins area that got hired pretty easily in the Cheyenne Wyoming area (relatively short commute).

Continum pediatrics will hire new grads for private duty nursing, if you have an interest in that sort of nursing, and SNFs and LTCs will hire new grads in the Denver area if you don't have your heart set on a hospital.

Once you find out the area you are moving to, come back and let us know and some of us may have some ideas for you!

klone, MSN, RN

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Louisville would be Centura (Avista Adventist).