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Hi Guys i will be a NZRN in Nov and have applied and interviewed for jobs in Melbourne :yeah:

I am confused as to how the nurses award works as i cannot find in the appendix what the new grad RN

is classed as. Would it be RN level one pay point 1? also do you progress through the points on a years

experience basis? Also i understand that now there is a federal registration as opposed to a VIC one?

So much to learn just about the politics of nursing! Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Hi Victoria - welcome to allnurses :)

Except for WA, we do now have federal registration, but states differ in pay grades and other conditions. Newly registered nurses start as grade 2, year 1 in Victoria, and automatically go up a grade for every full-time year they work; I think full-time is classified as more than 24 hours a week but I'm not positive. The current base rate is $907.60/week, with a 3% increase due in October. What you actually earn will depend on the shifts you work - PM, ND, weekends and public holidays attract penalty rates.

Hope that helps :)

NZ RN registration will not allow you to work in Australia, you must apply for AHPRA registration.

Thank you very much for replying, things happen very quickly on this site!

So it sounds like new grads have a lot sweeter deal in Oz as opposed to NZ, sorry to be a pain another question is the $907.6 before tax? I have found a copy of the nurses award 2010 (April 3 2009) online so i think it may be outdated going by your figure. As a new grad here i would be starting on about $45k without penals so i'm glad i've applied in Melb, and its also a very nice place. I have been told by my clinical referee that the grad coordinator will be calling me this week to offer a job so i'm ever hopeful.

Your help is appreciated, thanks:)

Thanks ceridwyn, the jobs i have applied for gave me warning of that :)

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Yes, that's before tax. You can decrease the amount of tax you pay by salary packaging, which allows you to use pre-tax income to pay for allowable items (including rent/mortgage, personal loans, meals), which reduces the portion of your income that's taxed. Your employer also puts 9% of what you earn into a superannuation account, but that's in addition to your pay. So the hospital really pays $109 for every $100 you get before tax.

I don't know what the pay and conditions are like in NZ, but half of our grads last year and this year were Kiwis, so I'm guessing it's less good there.

I got the job i wanted in Melbourne! i will be able to get all the questions in the world answered now :up:

Congratulations, hope AHPRA consider your application quickly....I got a new job too which it is all rather exciting.......hope you enjoy Melbourne the best city in the world. :D


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