are NEW GRAD LPN's finding it easy to get a job


I am a new grad LPN and was wondering if people are finding it easy to get a job

as a lpn (including LTC) or if they were finding it difficult.

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Im in MN, and its been hard to find a job as LPN even in LTC. I just got hired for on call position at a mental hlth facility, almost two months after passing boards. We graduated in May and most of my classmates still have not found a job.


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DIFFICULT! My classmates and I got finished June 18th. We all are having problems, except for one who was an experienced aide, stayed at her old place and they put her on as LPN. Even others with aide exp. are having trouble and I had none. I would like others input on your question too! I just got OK to test last night tho!!!

Difficult time right now. Nobody in my entire city is hiring LVN's. The ones that are hiring in other towns require a years experience at a minimum.


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Haven't found anything here either. I've been looking since I received my license the last week of May. One woman in my class got a job at her facility where she worked as a CNA. The job market in my area stinks.


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Where on the north side in Chicago are they hiring LPN? Is it a hospital or LTC? What is the pay? Is it a 12 hour shift or 8 hour shift?

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