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New Grad Looking for work


Hello All!

I am a new grad looking for work in Manchester, Concord or Nashua. Here is the catch I have an ADN and took my NCLEX today(still really nervous but trying to stay positive) I have been working in homecare as an LNA and really want to get into surgical nursing. I tried the DH residency but they are only taking BSNs. I have an application in at St.Joe's for their residency program but no word yet. I have been accepted into Colby-Sawyer's RN to BSN program, I will start in the fall. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you SO much - Shannon

CMC has a bunch of openings and a "new grad program" too... Don't know if you've looked into them!

Thank you for your comments! I found a job....it is not my "dream" job but is certainly teaching me a lot. It is full time, I can now say I am an experienced RN :up: I am also starting back to school in Sept for my BSN......not sure but I think I may be a masochist.


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Not masochistic, ambitious! Congrats on finding a job! My first out-of-school job was not one that was my dream either, and I went on to seriously hate it for 2 and 1/2 years...but I learned a lot, met some great people along the way, and am now exactly where I want to be. I work in a unit I love and am going to NP school in the Fall.

The pain of working where you don't want to and going back to school now will help you get where you do wanna be! It's worth it, especially if ADNs are having a hard time finding work in your area. I, too, went back after my ADN pretty quickly. I feel it was better for me because I was still closer to the mindset of a student and encouraged.