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New grad got offered CVICU job. Hallelujah !! How I did it...


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This message is for all new grads and experienced nurses. I want you to know what I did to land my new job as a new grad RN.

First let me say that I thank my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Without Him this would not be possible. I prayed, fasted, and did my part and He did the rest.

Background: I was a CNA out of high school for 3 years, I became a LPN and worked primarily in LTC for two and half years. Now I'm a new grad ADN and I plan on getting my BSN within the next 1-2 years.

Now for my journey:

"They" said no one would hire me because I'm a new grad. "They" said my LPN experience counts as nothing because all I did was work in LTC. "They" said I would not get hired because I was "only" a ADN. This list goes on. Well, I'm living proof that "They" were wrong!

I graduated December 2011, took boards Jan 2012 and got offered my first RN position in CVICU today! I have had 2 interviews this week and both employers were impressed with my experience as a LPN and I even got paid a little extra because it.

In November I started my Job Search. I applied online with no results. I figured that the next step would be to call every hospital in my area until I got results. Well one day I did. One day I caled a hospital and inquired about new grad programs. To my surprise I didn't get the same ole" We aren't hiring new grads right now message" I was told that they are accepting applications. Boy was I excited" The internship was not posted online because the recruiter said she had gotten too many phone calls. So if I would have never called I would have never knew about this position.

Calling hospitals is so important. You can't go by what you see or don't see online. Anyway, I applied for the job in November and was told in January that I was not selected. I was discouraged but I kept calling to follow up to see when the next internship would be. Well 2 months later I get the call to interview and from that point on I began to prepare for the interview. I researched the hospital and practiced some questions. During the interview I made eye contact, spoke firm, made eye contact and basically sold myself. After the interview I sent a thank you email to both interviewers. I was told they had other people to interview and not to expect to hear anything until next week, well that was yesterday and today I get the phone call to offer me the position. Monday I go in to get my offer letter and take care of other things.

Now lets rewind. Before getting the interview for the position I accepted today I was still applying for jobs. I came across this thread I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW! and after applying these tips I received calls for three interviews!!! I truly thank God and AN for their support. I start my internship in May Lord willing!

I say this. Don't listen to what "They" say. If you want something bad enough you have to go after it. I always told myself that I refused to be another new grad without a job. I had to compete with old grads, BSN nurses, and experienced nurses. Giving up and accepting to stay in my current situation was not an option. For LPNs to RNs, your education was NOT a waste of time. Sell your experience, you will be recognized for it even if it was in LTC.

That is my message for today. Take care everyone and God bless. I will keep you all posted.

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Congrats!!! I hoping I can find employment soon. I graduate in May from my ADN program, so i'm excited but nervous! Enjoy the expierence. God is Great anad greatly to be praised!!!!


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Congrats! That's an awesome opportunity.

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I am soooo happy for you!!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing and critical care! My personal love for 33 years.:paw:

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I am soooo happy for you!!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing and critical care! My personal love for 33 years.:paw:

Wow thank you all for the support. Esme12 you and I may have to become best buds. 33 years, I wanna be like you when I grow up!


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Congratulations!!!!! :yeah::w00t: