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New Grad desperate for a JOB!!

by POLmissy00 POLmissy00 (New) New

Hello all I am new to the site and want to say hello to all and will appreciate any advice anyone can give me.

I graduated nursing school in January and passed my boards in Febuary. I am still jobless and losing hope :crying2:. I dont know what to do anymore, I have applied to over 50 positions, left messages, emailed, I dont know what else to do! Does anyone have any advice on what to do next?? I am desperate for a job and will basically work ANYWHERE. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!! :crying2:


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So sorry - - I feel your pain. There are nurses on here who graduated 1-2 YEARS ago and still can't find jobs. Its so tough out there its ridiculous.

I wish I had some advice.


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NJ is an extremely tight market for new grads, and nurses in general. Even NYC is getting tighter thanks to St Vincent's closing and laying off 500 experienced RNs. My advice is to go to as many job fairs as you can, and consider moving out of state. Look into the Philadelphia area....UPenn and CHOP come to mind.


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When I changed my nursing license from PA to NJ, I noticed it was so much harder to get a job in NJ than it was in PA. Even as a new grad, PA was so much more willing to offer me a job. Every job I applied for in NJ, most never even called me to acknowledge they got my application, let alone call me for an interview. I was lucky enough to finally get an interview at a hospital. Unfortunately, it does help if you know someone who already works at a hospital to help you to get your foot in the door.

Valley Hospital is hiring New grads into there residency program and Genesis Healthcare in Morristown is also hiring.


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I know it's hard, I got my first job per diem in a jail and after giving me as many as 40-60hrs per week they cut me down to two days a month so I'm looking for another job too but it isnt looking good. I went to the job fair yesterday and they wouldnt even let the new graduates in until 11am which i thought was very rude and uncalled for since they annouced the fair to be for new grads as well. Seems like a lot of people I talk to get jobs at sub acute facilities, try those and go in person. GOod luck