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New grad in December and I have an interview this coming Wednesday-Circulator


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Hello everyone. BSN to be Murse (male nurse) here. I've now done two clinical sets in the Operating Room and have come to absolutely love it. I love the attention to detail, having to constantly be on your toes, and the flow of the OR. On my last day of clinical I told the nurse manager of the unit that I had to work in this OR with her team (very enthusiastically). Much to my surprise she asked me when I would come in for an interview!

I was pretty excited so I told some people and have been surprised at some of the reactions. "You will lose all of your assessment skills." "Circulating is where lazy nurses go." "No chance to advance, nobody but an OR will hire a Circulator." So this has got me down a bit. Kind of sucks when people talk down something you are passionate about. What do you experienced nurses think? Is it really that bad of a job for a new grad? Will I really be stuck with no chance to move my nursing career forward? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Ignore the naysayers. If you're passionate about it, go for it...they won't have to work in the OR, you will If you get a chance to do something right out of the gate in a field you like, that's a great thing. They like you and seem excited to interview you - in this economy, that's terrific!

The skill set you will use in the OR will probably be a bit different (I don't know a lot about the OR, just NICU) than what you would do in other fields, and yes, you might be a bit pigeonholed, but you can learn to do other types of nursing in the future if that's what you desire. I had an instructor in nursing school who was an OR nurse and she absolutely loved it - and she definitely was not a lazy nurse.

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Thank you, earthcrosser. Nice to hear some encouragement from an actual nurse :)

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Just a quick update- I got the job!! Now I just need to pass boards, lol!

Congrats!!!!! Im really happy for you!! I know youre really excited!!

Congrats on the job! Don't worry about the naysayers, if that is where you want to go, that is great, it can be high paced and very exciting or slow and steady... ..That is where I am going as soon as I am out of school(I am a scrub tech and a student nurse).

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Congratulations! Every OR nurse I have met is VERY evangelical about being in the OR. I have yet to meet an unhappy one. I wish you all the best!