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New Atlanta Contract


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So I'm starting a new assignment in mid March in Atlanta at Piedmont Hospital in the ICU/CV-ICU. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience in this location or is currently there themselves. I'm trying to find a high rise condo furnished with utilities included downtown, any suggestions on where to look? I already tried craigslist, airbnb and vrbo.com. Thanks

Try posting a housing wanted ad on Craigslist. That often gets results not found by passive looking. I would also research properties that you would like to live in on someplace like rent dot com. Reviews may be helpful, not only about quality, but also about other similar properties. Once you have some target properties, Google the property manager and contact them. Look also at Med Temp Housing, Travelers Haven, and Furnished Finders as they may control units in the high rise properties of interest (many agencies use them to find turn key housing for travelers, but you can use them directly).


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Thanks Ned, those were all sites I've never used before.


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You will be paying premium for those condos especially the newer ones, you could easily get a place just 10 min away and save hundreds Norcross is only 10 min away

10 minutes away by car? A 20 mile round trip is over $10 at 56 cents a mile true cost and that is in a small car. Another $20 in parking means 3 trips a week is $90 or about $400 a month and four hours quality time in traffic. The convenience of just being able to walk outside and be where you want to be 24-7? Priceless!


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10 minutes driving due to traffic , it's maybe 6 miles away, parking is free for employees and plenty of parking for $5 all day I will do it to save $400 a month or 1200 over 13 weeks

Parking is free for downtown parking? No one goes to the hospital to party! In addition, if you value your time at say the same rate as your normal pay, that four hours lost commuting per month is a couple hundred dollars.

For me, commuting puts me in a bad mood. Not how I want to start a day of work, or a night of fun.

But to each their own. Some are so focused on a few hundreds of savings on housing they lose sight of quality of life. I can tell you a personal anecdote that will sound silly but it is true. When I entered nursing school, I left an apartment on the beach in Venice for a rent control apartment in Santa Monica 5 blocks from the beach. It was like night and day and I hardly ever went to the beach after that, and I certainly did not go out for a skate (top of a hill) or run daily. Nor did I just pop out my door to enjoy the crowds, music, and fresh ocean smell. I had to do it to be able to afford nursing school, and it may have helped my studies. But I don't have to do it now with an income.

Since I've been a traveler, if I have a job in DC, I live in DC. I don't live in the suburbs. If I have a job in Manhattan, I live in Manhattan. I don't live in Queens. If I work in Atlanta, I don't live in Norcross. If I wanted to live in Norcross, I'd take a job there!

This thread starter specifically asked about high rise housing. Clearly suburban life is not what is wanted. I've been in several high rises in downtown areas and let me tell you they are a kick. If you are trying to save money with false savings of a few hundred a month and car based living that takes that apparent savings back, you will miss out on the larger adventure travel nursing affords.


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I appreciate the opinions. I tend to agree with Ned on the experience and the actual cost of commuting with traffic, etc. Norcross is a nice area, but it does take you out of the experience of the downtown high rise in ATL. If I were to purchase a home for my family it would probably be in an area like Dunwoody/Sandy Springs or Norcross but for a few months traveling, I want the experience downtown. Even those of us who don't like to party or go to clubs still enjoys a cup of coffee on the high rise balcony at night with a Star Wars marathon playing in the background. Now that's an experience!

Bluebolt, BSN, RN, I have used airbnb several times. You may be able to negotiate a decent deal. Start by choosing places with many good reviews. That has worked for me. They have been safe, clean and most times cheaper than a hotel stay; Rented a room for $38 bucks/night in ATL last year. We wanted to be close to the airport. Follow your instincts of course. Anyway, good luck and congrats on the new contract!

I left ATL for traveling and know several people who work there and it is a great hospital! I suggest finding a place to live as close to work as possible. The traffic is horrible there, especially around that area both times of day. If you need any suggestions on things to do in the city feel free to PM me.

I live in Midtown Atlanta in a 100-year-old building, and I'm doing a travel nursing job 3 miles up the road at Piedmont Hospital. I'm sorry, I can't give you any advice on high-rises, or downtown. My 2 cents: are you taking/have you heard of MARTA? The 110 bus goes right up and down Peachtree Road past Piedmont Hospital, if you're not into driving (although it may take you longer than driving...I don't really know about traffic, because I don't drive, but I imagine that it won't be too bad, if you're coming and going for day shift. If you're driving for night shift, that's probably a different story).

Anyway, Piedmont seems really great! I'm about mid-way through my 3-month assignment on a cardiac/pulmonary floor. There were lots of travelers during my orientation week (maybe 40, 50% of the orientees). One couple is married, and I think they're working in CV-ICU together, which I thought was cute.

I guess you'll be starting at Piedmont pretty soon; congrats, and take care! PM me if I can give you any other advice/input. :)

I know their offering a $20k sign on bonus for their CVICU...take it as good of bad

Jaw drop. 20K???? Did you just typo in a 0 in the 20K?

Sign on for how long a commitment?

That doesn't seem like a lot for such a specialty. Training a good nurse for CVICU will take 6 months to 18 months or 20 to 60K and a couple years to marinate and mature.

Back in the day, I had a couple of assignments with a 5K completion bonus for 3 months in CVOR on top of excellent base pay, and saw one for Detroit in winter for 10K.

Specialize, specialize, and you too may get offers like that.


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They aren't offering it because it's a bad situation. I'm here in at Piedmont as a CVICU travel nurse and it's been a good assignment so far. I float to all the other ICUs too but it's been all good. Everyone has been nice and helpful. The reason why they are offering 20K is because they are expanding the CVICU to 34 beds. That's why they need all the travelers. They need the help.

I started traveling from Atlanta and two of my classmates and a doctor I know work at Piedmont. It's a great hospital that is VERY busy but very rewarding in their opinion. Traffic in ATL is horrendous so live as close to work as you can!


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Yeah I looked into the sign on bonus for $20,000 but they require a 2 year commitment (a lifetime for a traveler) and then they tax the hell out of it so you probably get about $12,000. Not worth it. I give enough money to the government already to supply welfare recipients with steak dinners and the newest iPhone.

I also am planning to be in CRNA school in about a year so it doesn't factor into my timeline. Not to mention that the traffic in Atlanta is unreal and I don't know how much longer I'd want to stay in it. A woman got hit by a car on my way to work a few days ago. I'm pretty sure that cars are given to the homeless and school children here and they are out on the roads.