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I just signed up for an agency and I was working right near my home for about 2 weeks. Now, I have been getting cancelled everyday from the hospital that the agency has contracted with - so I am needless to say bummed out as I thought I could generate time with this job situation. Has anyone worked at agencies? This is my first experience at working for a nursing agency. I really don't want to go through everyday getting cancelled. Any suggestions???:crying2:

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I worked agency on several occasions and always registered with multiple agencies to ensure I had a back-up plan. Is that an option?


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Thanks for the quick response. If I sign up for different agencies - I am a little unsure how that works. If I get cancelled do I just call the other agency? I don't want to overbook and then let a place down. Do you just alternate days so you bank on getting some time from different agencies? Thanks for all of your advice!

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I gave everyone my availability, then took the first job from whichever agency called me first. However,if I got called by a second agency than I told them that I would let them know if I got cancelled.

Plus, some hospitals were notorious for cancelling at the last minute and I eventually told the agency not to even try to get me a shift there. Agency nursing isn't for the faint at heart. I only did it during a few month stretch here and there when we were either moving to or from somewhere or when I was in school.

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I don't know a whole lot about agency nurses. I don't think I could do it. I'm just not really good with change. But do you think you can do contract. From what I understand you are guaranteed a certain number of hours.


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I used to work agency and the agency is just as bad as the hospital.

The agency would "confirm" the shift and come to find out they were just keeping me on the hook in case the hospital needed someone that day, the agency would cancel at the very last minute. The hospital never confirmed the shift, just the agency. Even if the hospital had the shift down, the hospital would cancel at the last minute also.

I got fed up and went PRN at a hospital.

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Some hospitals are notorious for canceling shifts at the very last minute--making it difficulty for the agency to set you up with another shift. I found that it was helpful when I took assignments at a larger number of facilities. The more facilities that you have been oriented to work at the more options you will have. I have about three main facilities that I work for as an agency nurse and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to explore this side of nursing. Agency nursing is not for everyone but it sure is a blast for those that enjoy it.

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