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I am a new grad and everywhere I went looking for a job they told me they didn't have time to train. How do I go about getting exerience to get a job if noone will give me the chance?... Read More

  1. by   eldragon
    As an LPN, I think you should apply at long-term care facilities. I just spoke with an RN at Summerlin a few days ago, and she said LPN is a dying breed in hospitals in Vegas. Go for long-term care for now.
  2. by   wannabemw
    Thanks eldragon!
    I imagine RN's r needed in LTC also. I think this is my next search I am going to make. Question: I can't lift patients as I had cervical surg in Dec & need accommodation's for lifting. How should I address this for LTC? I can still turn them & use rolling boards or Hoier (sp) lifts. But some facilities don't have them. And I don't want to come off as inept or demanding.
  3. by   eldragon
    Those lift techniques, rolling and hoyer lifts, etc., are there to be utilized. Few nurses can lift patients, and shouldn't anyway. Your nursing skills are needed, regardless of your lifting abilities.
  4. by   apl
    i'm from Cali and I'm a Rn. what is the best thing to do, find a nursing agency or go directly to a hospital recruiter? and how do i convert my CA license to Nevada License. thanks..
  5. by   apl
    hey wannabemw did you get the job now? is it really hard to find a job there in vegas? because i'm planning to relocate there. coz right now i'm currently working in a homecare (no hospital exp yet)and do u think ill be having the same problem looking for a job
  6. by   girlienurse
    I was thinking about relocating to Las Vegas after I graduate in December of this year. Are there not any new grad positions available anymore?
  7. by   wannabemw
    No job yet. I hear that around May there will be a flood of new grad positions being offered. I would apply for a NAF position or a new grad. I unfortunately haven't been too lucky, but am getting to be a pest on the phone & though visits to HR depts.
  8. by   wannabemw
    Update: I GOT A JOB! I found a position at North Vista Hosp (on Lake Mead Blvd & it is the former Lake Mead Hosp). I went in to HR, filled out an app & was asked to wait to see if anyone was available to interview (I told her I was looking for ANY new grad placement- but specified L&D and M/S. Guess I had great timing! I went up to interview and was offered a job w/in the first 15mins. Cool huh? I began my secruity screen the next day and began orientation + computer training 5 days later. I am already done with this & will be on the floor next wk w/a preceptor. BTW: all my Advanced Life Support classes are paid for-and I can take whatever I want & they pay for it. Nice!
    So, now that I got a job, guess what? I got called for 3 interviews! Before this I averaged 1 interview a month! I re-wrote my resume' after getting a resume book "Landing your 1st job out of college (or similar title- I don't recall right now)." I have to say, I have been getting calls every weekday since my re-write! I included my GPA & clinical experience - in addition to other stuff this time and WOW!
  9. by   HikingNinja
    Quote from wannabemw
    Update: I GOT A JOB! I~MJ


  10. by   MikeyJ
    Thats awesome!

    A resume can make or break an applicant, and I think many qualified candidates are not even granted an interview based on their resume.
  11. by   bcyogi
    Congrats on the job. What department are you working in? Good luck to you!!
  12. by   wannabemw
    Thanks for the Congrats... I appreciate it!

    Opp! .... I can't believe I forgot to say what department!

    It's a position in Med-Surg, Unit T-3.

    I'll have to let you know how my 1st day on the floor goes!

  13. by   tccjknv
    Good for you and good luck!!! I'm jealous!